Bed Bugs Update 10/5/15

Schendel Pest Services arrived early this morning with “Scout,” a dog specially trained to detect bed bugs. Rob will be working with the company to develop a plan to train everyone on how to identify and treat this pest. Libraries, like other public buildings experience all sorts of bug issues, and bed bugs will move into any place humans hang out. They are also difficult to control, because they are adept in hiding in clothing, luggage, furniture, electronics, etc. without detection.

Thankfully, they are not considered a public health risk. If you are asked if it is “safe” to come to the library, please be assured that it is.

During the inspection, Schendel explained that the dog sniffs the area and if he lingers or places a paw on something, it means that he thinks he’s found bed bugs. Scout indicated interest in one section of fiction in the east wing. Following Schendel’s recommendation, the books were removed and will be treated. The books will return in about a week.  We will be putting a sign up referring customers to staff to place holds on requested items from that section.

If the public ask about books from that section, you can explain that they are removed for pest control and will return when they are finished in about a week. And as mentioned above, they may be reserved.

Scout also showed interest in three tubs of books in circulation. The tubs contained books that were removed from the collection because of damage and in need of repair. The tubs were also bagged and removed for treatment.

We are also consulting with other libraries to develop an ongoing operations plan.

If you have questions, please let me know.  We will keep you posted as we learn more.

4 thoughts on “Bed Bugs Update 10/5/15

  1. Rob Banks on said:

    Please post questions from the public and your answers to them regarding the bed bug situation on the posts here.

  2. Michelle Stottlemire on said:

    Thanks for the update, Rob! Were the bookmobiles and the rows of materials on the bookmobile dock included in Scout’s investigation? Also, were staff-only areas visited?

  3. Rob Banks on said:

    Scout was not able to make it to 1020 today and some public and staff areas in the main library. He can only work for a few hours per day, is what I was told. The earliest John could get him scheduled back is on October 16. At that time, he will cover the rest of main and 1020. Basically, we have the kids Library, YS workspace, meeting rooms, most of the 2nd floor and 1020 to complete. John is also working to set up a quarterly schedule for Scout to visit. Once that is figured out we will let you know.

    We are pleased that he only found two small instances of bug evidence. That means that we definitely do not have an infestation, but just an introduction.
    Thanks for the comments and questions.