Bed Bug Update Oct 02 2015

I hope everyone had a good day and that you were prepared for any questions that our customers may have asked concerning the media coverage on the bed bug incident. I have answered a total of five questions from customers regarding everything from “…what’s the deal on the bed bugs, I only heard part of it on the news…” to “…can bed bugs travel in DVD cases? (they can). I’ve heard from a couple of staff members who fielded calls, and it sounded like it is under control. Great job!

I am linking to a memo to Gina from Dr. Gianfranco Pezzino, the Shawnee County Health Officer, concerning the health risk bed bugs pose. I received feedback that there are some staff who are concerned, but did not feel comfortable talking to their supervisors about it. SCHA Memo

The second link is for the Bed Bug FAQ, also supplied by the Shawnee County Health Agency. It’s the same information that was posted yesterday, but should print-off easier in case you need to provide information to a customer. Bed Bug FAQ

The important thing to remember is that Schendel described our two chairs incident as a “bed bug introduction” not an “infestation”. If it had been the latter, our process would have been much different. Schendel will be here again on Monday with the bed bug sniff dog to verify this conclusion.

If you need to contact me for any additional information, I will be checking my email or ask the MIC to call me.

One thought on “Bed Bug Update Oct 02 2015

  1. Lissa Staley on said:

    Dr. Pezzino and Misty Kruger at the Shawnee County Health Agency are some of my favorite (and most trusted) community partners who are focused on getting people accurate and timely health information. Glad to see them as the point people on the health aspects of these questions, and glad to see their emphasis on this being a “nuisance” and not out of the ordinary for public buildings.