Bed Bug update 10-6-15

Last night a patron reported to Christina Callison that she had been bitten twice on her forearm.  Christina handled the situation very well.  She kept calm, notified maintenance and manager in charge to immediately deal with the chair.

Unfortunately, the lady left before any additional information could be collected.  The chairs were removed to be extra careful, but there were no signs of bedbugs on them.  Also, Scout the Bed Bug Beagle, checked those chairs yesterday morning and found no evidence of bed bugs.

I want us to treat each report, as if it is accurate, but with numerous other things that can bite us; Oak mites, chiggers, mosquitos, spiders, etc., it will be hard for us as lay people to accurately identify the various types of bites.  We will just have to assume they are bed bugs until proven otherwise. Also, we cannot be sure the bites occurred on our premises.

Schendel checked the meeting rooms early this morning and found no indication of bed bugs.  Scout will go over them again on the 16th, but we have no reason to suspect any bugs in the meeting rooms.  If people ask about meeting rooms, it is safe to say that they have been inspected and no evidence was found.

Some additional information that will follow this week:

  • Procedures for removing items from the collection or furniture when bed bugs are suspected.
  • Training schedule for Bed Bugs 101 by Schendel.
  • Sign up for PLA Webinar on Bed Bugs in Libraries October 28, 1:00 pm Central time – Cindy will notify you when this has been arranged and what room.
  • Additional time with staff from Wichita Public Library who are also presenting the PLA webinar.
  • Training, etc. will be recorded for those who cannot attend or who want a refresher.

There is a good article in LJ at this link:   If the link doesn’t work, just google library journal bed bugs and it will be the first item in the list.

Here is the link to the press release from yesterday.  So far no comments on cjonline on this story.

We will give you an update any time there is a change with Schendel or a customer report.

As I asked yesterday, please post any questions you get from the public on this topic and your response.  It will help all of us.


7 thoughts on “Bed Bug update 10-6-15

  1. Graham Marchant on said:

    Is Schendel spraying or doing anything for prevention of spreading of bugs other than us just throwing things away?

  2. Rob Banks on said:

    The removed items are being treated and then returned to the library. The only things thrown away were the very first two chairs that had too many bugs to be successful. All other situations are very minor and can be treated completely. Schendel regularly treats the library for all types of pests, including bed bugs. I think that could be why we have not had a bigger problem than we have. Nothing is perfect, but I think we have been reasonably protected by our regular treatments.

    Also, the only confirmed sightings of bed bugs were those first two chairs. The books and tubs identified yesterday by Scout could have contained one bug or one egg. He is apparently very sensitive to them. We just removed the whole group of things to be cautious. The chairs last night didn’t have any signs of bed bugs, but again were removed to be extra cautious. Schedule still says that we have an introduction, not an infestation. That basically means some bugs have been sighted. They are not found throughout the building. They view us as being at a very manageable stage. We just need to be alert to the warning signs. Training will help you learn what those are. As we get training on the calendar you will have a chance to sign up.

    Hope that answers your question.

  3. Rob Banks on said:

    We have been talking about that, Sheri. Visiting with Schendel, it isn’t the fabric or stuffing that is so much the problem, but the crevices in furniture. Bed Bugs can hide in the cracks between wood parts. One place they inspect in furniture is any inset screws because bed bugs like to hide there and lay their eggs in those locations.

    At this point, we will keep this in mind as we look at new furniture, but because we have not had a problem before, this problem is relatively minor and we are implementing an ongoing plan to monitor potential introductions in the future, I don’t plan to remove items from the floor unless it becomes necessary.

    Thanks for asking.

  4. Ruth Rodden on said:

    Late this afternoon we had a customer bring his 6 DVDs to the Customer Service Desk. He told us that he has bed bugs in his residence. The DVDs were in a plastic bag. We put them in an additional plastic bag so they are “double bagged” as the literature recommends. We checked the DVDs in and changed the status to mending. We did not see any bugs on the outside of the DVDs and did not open them. I then called Ivan to open the mower shed and we placed the bagged DVDs on a shelf in the mower shed.
    I’ll be instructing Circulation staff to follow this same process until we make a final determination of what procedures we will be following.

  5. jill-zinn on said:

    Tonight I had a customer asking about the bedbugs. She asked if we could fumigate all the chairs in the library. I told her we are having the chairs that were involved treated, and that we had the entire library inspected. I assured her that we are taking it very seriously and choosing to err on the side of caution. I also told her that we will continue to have inspections and treat anything in question. I also told her that bedbugs are considered a nuisance but are not a health risk and that I feel comfortable coming to work every day. She asked if we have any chairs that aren’t upholstered, and I said there are a few here and there.

    • Marie Pyko on said:

      Jill, thank you for sharing your interaction with last night’s customer. I appreciate you listened to her concerns and shared with her what the library had done to date to resolve the issue. It was also important that you shared with her what we had been told by the Shawnee County Health Agency about bedbugs being a nuisance and that you feel comfortable coming to work. You handled what could be an uncomfortable conversation wonderfully. Please continue to let us know if you have another other customers expressing their concerns.