Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning your cube or office? Remember all office paper/brochures/catalogs and magazines can be recycled. Outside by the dock there is a large recycle bin for placement of your recyclables. There are communal recycle bins in the following locations: ASD workroom, break room, CIRC workroom, Bookmobile dock, Tech services and Youth Services. Just remember this is self-serve…please don’t call maintenance to re-move your recyclables.

r bin

YES RECYCLE: Newspapers, magazines, office paper, including colored paper and envelopes, cereal boxes & cardboard, #1-7 plastic containers, junk mail, catalogs and brochures.
NO DON’T RECYCLE: GLASS, SHREDDED PAPER, plastic bags, food waste, trash, books, paper plates, cups and paper towels.

Keep putting your aluminum cans (pop cans) in the round blue plastic cans marked as such. These cans are collected by the Fun Committee. The money they make is used to make sure we have cool things to participate in to make our workplace fun.

If you have any questions, or see one of the communal bins overflowing, please contact one of the Green Team members (Jackie H, Nessa J, Scarlet FH, Betty Jean N, Donna C, Janet J, Jennifer G, Kathryn B, Marlana H, Michelle L).

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