Future Tech Team Minutes – March 26, 2015


Meeting Purpose
To develop what staff need to be out in the community and in the building

Expected Products
The day-to-day technology needs for staff

We discussed the following questions:

  • What do staff currently use to do their work?
  • What are the problems staff run into with the current equipment/processes?

Before we moved ahead it was decided that we needed to step back and ask staff these same questions. So a form will be put together and should go out the first week of April. Once we have that information back we can look at the next questions we need to address.

  • What are potential improvements in equipment or processes?
  • How might we prioritize these improvements?
  • How will we implement new equipment/processes to staff?


Michael Perkins
David King
Jacob Ziegler
Jared Starkey
Jennifer Grammer
Lissa Staley
Rob Banks

One thought on “Future Tech Team Minutes – March 26, 2015

  1. Lissa Staley on said:

    So glad to see the little robot make an appearance here in the minutes! He was really the star of the meeting 🙂