6 thoughts on “New signs up for 'no guns'.

  1. Michelle Eklund on said:

    If we aren’t granted exception, what will that mean for staff and customers? Do we have a Plan B?

    • Rob Banks on said:

      Michelle, The 6 month exemption is granted to everyone that applies. It is designed to give us time to figure out what our response to the law will be and how we plan to implement that response. There was not enough time between passage and the law taking effect to do that. At this point, there is no change from how we have operated in the past. We will be working with the board on our plan for the future and you will know about implications as we figure it out. As you might assume, this is a complicated issue that does not have a simple answer.

  2. The Board of Trustees asked for the extension to examine the possible Plan B solutions. The extension has been filed by the Board Attorney.

      • Rob Banks on said:

        Please keep in mind that the two proposals were presented to give the board a very broad overview of possible costs to consider as they work on the budget for 2014. There are many possibilities within those and perhaps other possibilities that don’t have a significant impact on the budget. We are spending the next several months investigating a wide range of possibilities to address this law. We will keep staff informed as the discussion progresses. At this time, our plan is to have a proposed plan for to the board at the October 17th board meeting in preparation for a December 19th decision. At the request of the board, the Hospitality Team is looking at the customer experience from multiple angles. The board is very concerned at keeping that issue in mind as they make a decision.