Calling All Collectors


As the “collectibles librarian”  I am looking for fun ways to promote our collectibles neighborhood.

I know we much have some people on our staff who have collections that they are passionate about.

If you do, would you be willing to help me out by:

*Letting me write a blog post about you–as one of our “featured collectors”?

*Letting me photograph items from your collection?

*At some point, letting us borrow a few items from your collection for a short term display?

*Sharing with me what resources you use in your collecting–print, online, local experts, businesses, etc.

Right now, we are putting together a promotion featuring Barbies & die cast cars (like Hot Wheels).  If you have any collectible Barbies/Hot wheels that you would be willing to let us borrow, please let me know.

Comments on this post are fine, or e-mail me at


Deb Bryan

Collectibles Librarian

2 thoughts on “Calling All Collectors

  1. I only have toys-that-are-played-with Barbies and Hot Wheels, but if you need to fill in a display with the everyday variety, I can sneak some away from my kids for you! And I have an unopened Barbie-Illini-cheerleader still in box, probably made 15 years ago, if that is at all useful. 🙂 I have a few books of essays about the history of Barbie and the intersection with feminist issues, for me as a Barbie owner, those kinds of supplementary materials are more important to me than the value — they give the Barbies an emotional value and a context.

  2. Charity Rouse on said:

    I have some Barbies and other dolls from my childhood (most in pretty good shape). I don’t have any supplemental information.

    I also have a significant collection of church hymnals from a variety of time periods and denominations. I also have resources about hymns and hymnals. It might be a bit too niche of a collection but I’d be happy for you to feature it.