What happens at the library during Severe Weather?

  1. Warning goes via the county sirens going off, weather radio goes off or other alert.  THIS DOES NOT TRIGGER OUR INTERNAL ALARM
  2. MIC or Security goes to either fire panel and activates the alarm by pushing or flipping the button/switch labeled “TORNADO” (instruction on how to do this are on the panels)that says “WARNING WARNING A SEVERE WEATHER EMERGENCY HAS BEEN….” Along with loud alarm sounds.
  3. Once the alarm is sounded all areas need to be cleared and routes opened to the basement.  Non-staff have two options 1. Leave the library property or 2. Go to the basement.
  4. Get people to the two long hallways that run west to east in the basement, one by YS workroom and the other by the book sale sorting and storage room(please learn where these are.)  If for some reason a person cannot make it to the basement then take them to the back office in the Topeka Room if they are on 2nd floor or on the 1st floor go to Circulation holds room behind the Checkout Desk.  If people have problems doing one of these  two options then get Security to help you.
  5. Once all the people are clear to a safe area the alert will be turned off at the panel but this does not mean it is over or safe to return upstairs.  Security will stand at the front doors as long as it is safe to do so and fall back to the stairs behind the checkout desk if needed.  We do not lock the front doors in case someone needs to come in and seek shelter.
  6. Once people are downstairs they must stay there until the storm is gone or a break in the storm happens and it is safe enough to let people go home if they want to before the next storm front comes in.
  7. When maintenance or whoever can has a chance bring chairs out if needed for people to sit along the south side of the hallways.  If fans are needs to keep people cool and comfortable please let someone with a radio know if you do not know where to find one.  If non-staff wants to use a phone please escort and stay with that person in a close by office if it is safe to do so.  As long as it is safe people can use the restrooms closest to these hallways as needed.
  8. When the Severe Weather has passed and it is safe to go back upstairs again the MIC or Security will go to the fire panel and press the all clear button to let everyone know.  As many staff that can should go up first to be in the public areas before the public returns to them.  If areas are closed then staff will need to open them as soon as they safely can.  Help the public find their way back to where they were or to where they want to go.

2 thoughts on “What happens at the library during Severe Weather?

  1. Michelle Eklund on said:

    On number 4, the ILL office is no longer on the first floor. Perhaps change that to the Circulation holds room behind the Checkout Desk?