Big Picture Committee met

The committee met for the first time since last August. We have added two new members – Sherry Best and Julie Nelson.


  • KS Sesquentennial
  • Programming Budget
  • Internal Infrastructure Work Plan 2010 – Deadline September 2010

Things for staff to keep in mind: How could you adapt a program you already do so that it commemorates KS 150th. If we participate the BPC suggests we shoot for Jan-Mar of 2011. Checklists for Jan programs are due September 10th, 2010.

The 2010 budget can be seen on: L/Sharing/Programming/Programming Budget/ 2010 Program Budget (please do not make changes to the book, thanks)

Kansas 150th Commemoration Brainstorming Session-2011
Other organizations affiliated: KS Humanities Council; KS Travel Bureau; KS Arts; KS Historical Society; WU; State Library

Library wants to take part… ideas
• Gallery Exhibits
• Book Groups
• Film Series/Venue
• Book Fair
• KS Author’s Club
• Promote KS Resources in Neighborhoods and elsewhere

• Involvement in the KS Reads – we are not always involved in that but will take a more active role in that in 2011. This will probably be Feb-Mar.
• Are we going to celebrate all year long? Hard to sustain a whole year…focus on 1 or 2 months… January-March is ideal for large programs… KS reads to preschoolers in Nov. and some summer reading programs can support 150th if they choose to
• Is it appropriate to promote our agendas? (i.e. neighborhoods & collections) Yes
• Film festival-we could be a venue for KS filmmakers to showcase their work… checkout FLIKS and see if we can partner with them
• Brown Vs. Board Book Fair-Partnering opportunity… Sell books? KS authors promote and read their books
• Happy Birthday KS Program- make it a little more involved with the 150th
• NM 10 Day Border Book Festival suggestion- Reading Marathon for authors/community… Could be or plug as a Fundraiser
• Ohio Bi-Centennial idea- Memory Project… specific for KS… gather images and texts from community… participants can add to website or bring in… a sign up schedule will be needed if we will have to scan and upload… Require a story with each? Why is it important and belong in KS Memory? Caption?… KS Historical Soc. Does have a Memory Project (link to them or make our own?)… Must have Library’s History… can use Flickr
• Network with Heartland Visioning groups
• Bulk up our Speaker’s Bureau with KS Themes
• Neighborhood Programming -KS Themes… staffing issues?

Nancy shared the approved budget requests for 2010 and the extra funding that was guaranteed by the foundation. All of this can be found on the L/Sharing/Programming/Programming Budget/ 2010 Program Budget.

Budget requests will be needed in May 2010. The theme of commemorating KS history would qualify to use NEH grant money so keep that in mind if you have an idea for an event that might need  extra money.

Start up again on our part of the 2010 Strategic plan:

  • STRATEGY – Develop and initiate programming criteria
  • ACTION – Evaluate best practices and develop standards 

Lissa is going to start an email discussion of programming standards that she has already researched. All of the committee will add their comments to these ideas.

This is what the committee with talk about at next meeting in April.

At the beginning of the meeting we had a quick activity. Fortune cookies were passed around and the members were asked to read their fortune and at the end add the words AT THE LIBRARY. 

Here are some results:
You will find great fortunes in unexpected places… at the library
New and rewarding opportunities will soon develop for you… at the library
You are about to embark on a most delightful journey… at the library
Opportunites surround you if you know where to look… at the library 
Big things coming in the future… at the library

And the one that got the most laughs:
There is a good chance of a romantic encounter soon…at the library. (watch out Sherry!)

Next time you read a fortune add… at the library and see what you get.

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