Disaster Plan Steering Committee Minutes

Disaster Steering Committee Minutes
November 17, 2009

Attending:  Diana, Donna, Greg, John, Michael, Nancy W., Rob, Susan M., Thad, Zan


1.     Report from Greg and Zan about emergency sheet: Greg and Zan were going to collect telephone and backup email for managers and supervisors to have in one place.  This activity has been taken over by the Safety and Security Sub-Committee.
2.    Kansas Cultural Properties – bartering:  There is still one meeting to be held in the state and then additional information will be forthcoming.  May know something more at our December meeting.
3.    Collections: Zan, Thad, Brea, Jeanne, Diana Sowers and Jennifer have met as a organizational meeting.  They did a walk through of the building to familiarize themselves with the collections and locations.  Specifically, they looked at what was housed above, below, beside each collection for any implications of location.  Diana has some websites from other libraries that are looking at collections issues which may be helpful to us as we look through this process.  They studied where leaks had occurred in the past.
4.    Safety & Security – committee is reformatting the emergency sheet(as mentioned above) and should have a draft ready for the December meeting.  Ivan is verifying vendor contact information.  Shari Schawo and Wally are also on this sub-committee.
5.    Buildings – hasn’t met yet but have been talking amongst themselves.  Denise, Joey and Dennis are part of this group with John and Michael leading.
6.    Administration and Records –sub-committee: Nancy W and Diana Friend are chairing.  They haven’t met yet but Stephen, Shannon and Sherry Best are on the committee with additional people in process of determining.
The steering committee discussed what sort of disasters could happen and what might be considered as each group works out their part.  The purpose of the steering committee is to provide oversight and assistance to each sub-committee in their work.  Next meeting December 15 at 9:00 am.

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