Scheduling Team Minutes

Scheduling Team Minutes
October 26, 2009

Present:  Rob Banks, Marie Pyko, Brad Allen, LeAnn Sevy, Paul Brennan, Ruth Rodden, Ann Newell, Thad Hartman, Stephen Lusk, Susan Marchant, John Kugler
Absent: Stephanie Hall

Stephen presented information about the Springsted Salary Study, position descriptions and classifications as it relates to the scheduling team.  The information from Springsted was a compilation of the feedback that we gave them as individual staff members about our jobs.  This information will be helpful at a later point in the discussion when we talk about gridding people for jobs they can cover.

A lengthy discussion was had of how we would adjust schedules to adapt to the need to count money once the "Point of Sale" (POS) system goes into effect.  We decided to recommend to Management Council that Monday through Friday all evening staff would work from 12:15 to 9:15.  This would include all staff working that evening whether they had a drawer to count or not.  Security schedules would be changed to fit this change.  This schedule would start whenever the POS system is started, approximately December 1.  We would evaluate this schedule after a while to see if it needed to be changed based on experience with the system.  Several methods of addressing the Saturday and Sunday handling of money were discussed.  They were very dependant on the number of people working at desks and in departments.  At this point, it is assumed that Saturday would need to be 8:45 to 6:15 and Sunday would be 11:45 to 9:15.  Further discussion of possibilities will happen at Management Council.

The next meeting will be November 9th at 1:30 in the Perkins Room.

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