Minutes from Scheduling Team

Scheduling Team Meeting Minutes
October 12, 2009

Members Present: Rob Banks, Marie Pyko, Brad  Allen, LeAnn Sevy, Paul Brennan, Ruth Rodden, Ann Newell, Stephanie Hall, Susan Marchant, Thad Hartman
Members Absent: Stephen Lusk, John Kugler

•    The group went over the charter and made a few adjustments. (Charter is after the minutes.)
•    General goals to be achieved were discussed:
      o   Provides all of us a glance at who is available to help ease the pain throughout the organization
      o    All staff should be included
      o    Standard shifts will be created
      o    Equity of time off, vacations, etc.
      o    Ideally we would be able to look at when peak busy times are so we can have staff here when we need them and not as many when there are not customers
•    Where do we start/Homework for next meeting
      o    How does everyone’s schedule work now? Why is it done that way?
      o    What do we need the schedule to take into account? (For example, desk shifts, other projects, outreach, meetings, etc.)
      o    Look at the staff classifications throughout the library
•    Talk about at next meeting….
     o    Talk about shift durations
     o    Discuss point of sale implementation scheduled to begin December 1
     o    Homework from above


Scheduling Team Charter

Purpose:  The Team’s purpose is to recommend a library-wide scheduling system that allows fluid use of qualified staff in all areas at all times.

Expected Results:  Develop library-wide scheduling practices and recommend a software package to manage the scheduling.

Boundaries and limits:

•    Money/Budget – no budget for team function, no recommendation for software expenses exceeding $10,000.
•    Timeline/deadlines – spend no more than 2 hours per week in meetings. 
o    Scheduling Practices due by January 15, 2010. 
o    Software recommendation due to Management Council by March 1, 2010.
•    People on the team: Current members-Rob Banks, Marie Pyko, Brad Allen, LeAnn Sevy, Paul Brennan, Ruth Rodden, Ann Newell, Stephanie Hall, Susan Marchant, Stephen Lusk, John Kugler, Thad Hartman.  Other people can be called as needed.
•    People who can be used as resources – anyone may be asked.  Current schedulers for each department may have important information.
•    Training – only in-house.
•    Decision-making authority – The Management Council is the ultimate decision maker in this issue.  This team is composed of major authorities in the departments and has significant influence on the decision.
•    Access to information – the team has access to all information relating to the scheduling process.  Software information may be sought from outside sources.
•    Process boundaries – The recommendations will have a binding impact on all departments of the library and will need to take into consideration significant service patterns, such as outreach scheduling demands outside of our control, gallery exhibition schedules, etc.
•    Communication – monthly scheduled reports will be submitted to Management Council and meeting minutes will be published on the Staff Web site. 


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