RESPECT Committee Meeting – March 6, 2009

RESPECT Committee Meeting

March 6, 2009

Present: Rob, LeAnn, Jean, Cathy, Luanne

Crowds are shifting back to David J’s.
The same behaviors in The Edge are showing up in David J’s.
We will probably need to staff it again – maybe not until the 1-3 shift on full days out.
The “right” volunteer could staff it, but most likey a staff member would need to be there to enforce policies.
Maybe a Wasburn student?
We would probably always be training a volunteer.
High schoolers would be good for asking for help with programming.
We can talk to teens about how David J’s is supposed to be a more traditional library space. Louder conversations need to be in The Edge.
Pedestal signs with “David J’s – the quieter space” – for example. Use the Janus.
New schedule for The Edge may cause more people to be in David J’s. They may not like the activities in The Edge.
Can we say, “If you’re standing, you have to move on” to deal with the amount of people who may be in there?
Change the floor plan of David J’s – set-up the room to get the behaviors we want.
Barebones desk like The Edge.
3-7 during the school year & 11-7 during the summer are busy times.
We toured the storage area to see what furniture is available.
The next meeting is March 20th – 9:30-10-:30 – Lower Level Conference Room.

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