Big Picture Committee March 17, 2009


Connectnow goes to bimonthly issue
There will be a new streamlined programmed checklist by next week
Programmers will need to add program hours to their stats
Main discussion:

Programming Partnerships: Setting criteria for new partnerships
Programming Statistics

Nancy gave an update on how it went gathering the stats in Jan and Feb.
She shared the January completed form with the committee.
Discuss was held about whether everyone should just use this form or if departments should still keep a separate one. This still seems to be up to the departments.
We are working on value calculator which Donna T. shared with us. If we continue to create something like this we would need to collect the hours of programming too.
Nancy will as the people entering programs stats to also now add in the hours of the program. Not prep time just hours the program was held.
Value Calculator


Books ($17)

Magazines ($5)

Audiobooks ($10)

DVD, Games, Music ($4)

Reference Questions ($7)


Children ($7)

Adults ($15)

Meeting Room Use

Gal l e ry Attendance ($10)

Talking Books ($10)

Computer Use ($12 /hr)

Printing ( $ .20)
$5,933 *

ILL Borrowed ($25)


Program Proposal and Partnerships

Lengthy discussion was held on programming partnerships.
We discussed possible criteria for making an organizations program a “library” program

It has been said by Gina in the all staff meetings that we shouldn’t do any new ventures without a partner involved
The organization proposing the program should know that the program budget is already set for the year and extra costs should be their responsibility
What is the length of the commitment?
Should there be a set time to re-evaluate the partnership?
The organization is responsible for the presenters or speakers
Does the program fit out mission?
The biggest debate was about the staff liaison responsibility

We feel the staff person should:

be responsible for making sure the room is booked, the checklist done
maintain contact with the partner
We are not sure what their role should be at the program:

Should the staff person or a library representative be at every program?
At the beginning?
For the whole program?
At beginning and then end?
Should they always put together a book display or book list?
Should they always handout connectnows and library guides?
Should they always do a short library presentation at the beginning?
The committee felt this was a discussion that should be taken to Management Council.

Nancy will bring it up at next MC meeting.

* A follow up to this: Nancy 1st sent an email to MC getting opinions about liaison responsibilities. This led to more debate about how to decide if and how we form these partnerships. It was decided at MC meeting that it needed more discussion. They added it to March 26 agenda. An hour will be set aside for this topic. At that meeting we hope to come up with criteria for forming a partnership and the staff liaisons’ responsibility.

Programming Checklist

Considering that we are going to a bimonthly issue of connectnow it seems time to streamline the checklist.

We all felt we could get rid of most of the reminders and just create a simple time line.

It was decided to have most of the information such as name, date, time, connectnow category, age category and description on one sheet (the first sheet)

For programs that use more forms such as PO Requests those could be found on the second sheet with a simple way to access them and a little description of what they are and when to use them.

Nancy will have this done by next week and send out an announcement.

Communications and Marketing Creative Brief

Nancy gave an explanation of the CM creative brief and it was decided it was a necessary tool for CM to use with programmers that have a program needing extensive publicly. It is not a piece that needs to be part of the checklist.
The brief is a list of questions that a CM staff person would ask a programmer so they can more efficiently help promote a program.
Budget Request:

We have been invited to have a Summer Reading booth at a new event at Gage Park – Topeka Kids Rock. They are asking for $25.00 fee. The committee approve spending this from the undesignated program fund in ER budget.

We had a question about the best ways to recruit staff for programming help.

Suggestions were:

Let MC know that there is a need and let it trickle down to staff
Announce at the Daily Show
Send an all staff email
Post on News2Use
Recruit individuals personally

Connectnow will go to a bimonthly issue starting this summer’s issue.
Jun/Jul – Aug/Sep – Oct/Nov – Dec/Jan – Feb/Mar – Apr/May
Nancy will send out an all staff email alerting all to the change
Aug and Sep program checklist are due May 10th.
Next meeting in May

Future Agenda topics:

Preview Community Connection website (final product from Civic Technologies)
See how The Edge is affecting scheduling, Invite LeAnn?
Preview the TSCPL Speakers Bureau

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