ALA-APA Council Denver

ALA-APA Council
January 26, 2009 Denver

Report from Keith Michael Fiels, Executive Director:

Moved part of the ALA-APA director, Jennifer Grady’s time and salary back to ALA to provide a matching funds for a grant to develop standards for certification program for paraprofessional and support staff to ALA that will ultimately benefit ALA-APA.

Salary studies are moved back to ALA to help reduce the fiscal demands on ALA-APA.  It is anticipated that these two moves will help put ALA-APA on a better financial footing for the near future.

Report from Treasurer of Rod Hershberger:

ALA-APA finished the year in a net loss due to the late publication of the Salary studies so the revenue from them did not materialize in 2008.  They are being realized in the first quarter of 2009.  An interest payment on the loan from ALA was paid last year.  

Report from the CPLA Certification – additional candidates every year and 9 have completed the program.  However, the numbers are below projections for those that would be participating.  There was significant discussion about why people were not participating and what might be done to increase students. 

The ALA-APA Resolutions Committee presented a resolution to bring the ALA-APA Resolutions Guidelines be changed to mirror the ALA documents.

The resolution passed and I voted for it.

Registrations as of Sunday were 10,122 compared to 13,036 in Philadelphia.   The main differences were based on on-site registrations.

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