Management Team Minutes 8/9/2022


Brenda will lead us in a learning activity and then we will have updates on the Strategic Plan and changes to Community Services. We will also discuss the upcoming All Staff meeting and if there is a need to bring back the librarian meetings and if so in what capacity.



  • Welcome
    • Thad welcomed everyone at 2:00 pm.
  • The Matrix – Brenda
    • Brenda was absent so this activity will be postponed to the next meeting.
  • Community Services update – Pat and Jacqueline
    • Pat and Jacqueline shared the schedule changes for Bookmobile effective 9/6/2022. Bookmobile will return to a weekly format of scheduling. A few stops were dropped due to low use and a couple of new stops were added to facilitate relationships with community organizations and targeted groups. This schedule will allow Bookmobile staff to customize what’s on the vehicle depending on where they are in the community. The library will have more visibility in Oakland and can include more Spanish materials and possibly borrow Judy to speak to groups. At stops where older customers frequent, staff can try to make sure there are more large print books, for example. Staff can have the ability to pay attention to what customers at which stops are wanting to check out to stock up the bookmobiles.
    • Jacqueline and Pat also provided an overview of the structural changes in Bookmobile. Instead of having staff be masters of everything, there will be three structured groups with different focuses and responsibilities. Jacqueline and Pat hope it will lead to more growth and ability for staff to hone in on those specific abilities and also allow for relationships to develop with the public. This restructuring will also be starting 9/6/2022. Jacqueline and Pat shared that this change was made with staff in mind and 90% of staff got their first choice of focus.
  • Strategic Plan update – Marie
    • Marie shared that Jacqueline, Thad, and Brenda have worked on a RFQ to send to vendors to begin looking for a consultant for Strategic Planning 2023. The steering committee decided as a group this is the best way to go. There will be objectivity with an outside consultant. The committee is learning that generally, consultants include a survey with their services or subcontract.
    • The RFQ has been sent it to 14-18 organizations. Marie is hopeful that the steering committee can narrow it down to 5 possibilities and then have more formal interviews with them. The committee would begin interviews in September and would present to the board at the September or October board meeting.
    • Marie wants a good balance of in person planning meetings and hybrid meetings. A consultant that is willing to do three or four in person meetings to kick off the strategic plan, meet with the community, and present a final wrap up of the strategic plan would be ideal. Marie stated there is lots of work happening behind the scenes and she will continue to provide updates.
  • Librarian meetings – Marie
    • Marie shared she has heard feedback from librarians wondering, “where are we now?” Marie would like to sit down with librarians to learn what their workplans are and how they are doing with them. She would like to see that they have a 2022 workplan and a partial 2023 workplan. Marie is going to be planning these meetings for September. Marie also mentioned putting something on the staff intranet of a summary of each librarian’s workplans so everyone could see what everyone is working on. Marie acknowledged that librarians workplans are transition plans to keep the work moving forward, and the library needs to hear from the community to find out what they want from a library experience. Marie hopes the outcome of these meetings is that librarians hear that Marie knows they have plans, hope they hear these are transition plans, the plans may inform or may not inform our direction based on what the library hears from the community.
  • All Staff Meeting September 7, 2022 – Thad
    • Thad announced that the next all staff meeting will be September 7, 2022. He will work with others to get an agenda created. Thad said he will update everyone on the changes with New Media and Jacqueline and Pat can present about the Bookmobile changes.
  • Announcements
    • Aubrey reported that after two years of not being able to hold an end of Summer Reading BBQ, we are happy to announce that there will be an all-staff BBQ September 14th from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm. More information will be sent out soon!
    • Paul shared that on the 23rd of August we will begin installing the Oakland Smartlocker.
    • Kelli stated that delivery at Hill’s is resuming. Now all of TSCPL @ work locations are up and running.
    • Marie reported that Erin Aldridge’s last day is August 26, 2022. She is going to be working with the Washburn University Foundation. Marie is meeting with Foundation Board Chair Judy Moler this week on what to do with recruitment. Usually, the library uses an outside consultant to recruit for this position. Janel and the board will be filling in for Erin during this transition. Many people wished Erin luck on her new adventure.
  • Adjourned at 2:43 pm.



Next Meeting

August 23, 2022

2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Marvin 101A

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