Management Team Minutes 8/23/2022


Brenda will lead us in a learning activity and Robert will give a statistical update related to the Smartlocker. We will also discuss some “fun activities” and the upcoming All Staff meeting.


  • Welcome
    • Thad called the meeting to order at 2:05 pm
  • The Matrix Reloaded – Brenda
    • Brenda introduced the Matrix exercise. The Matrix is based on the Eisenhower Matrix made popular by Steven Covey. It’s a useful tool for prioritizing tasks. Brenda passed out a handout of the matrix and explained its different parts.
  • Stat Update – Robert and Scarlett
    • Scarlett and Robert attended the Orangeboy conference and presented Beyond the Library Space: Expanding Reach and Gathering Customer Feedback. Robert pulled data on the HyVee Smartlocker users and shared about the trends.
    • Formats customers picked up were mostly books and the pickup rate increased through 2021 with a decrease in 2020 probably because of COVID. Audiobooks took longer to return to pre pandemic numbers possibly because more people are getting these digitally. The peak pickup day was Friday, and the peak hour of usage was 4 pm.
    • HyVee Smartlocker users in the age group of 65+ grew and the 40-64 age group also grew in usage. Usage declined among the 19-39 age group in 2021.
    • Robert showed a map of borrowers and shared his ideas about promoting the Fairlawn Plaza Smartlocker to the public who used the HyVee locker.
    • The survey went out to all time users of the HyVee Smartlocker. 151 users were sent the email. They received around 80 full completions of the survey. The survey asked scaling questions, asked what they were doing at the HyVee Smartlocker, and asked them about the TSCPL @ Home program. The top two reasons that people used that Smartlocker were convenient location and convenient hours. Since the locker left HyVee, most people said they went to the library to get their holds out of the other options. Most people said that if the locker was placed somewhere else it would be most important if it was in a convenient location, convenient hours, and close proximity to their home or workplace.
    • The survey asked participants if they would be interested in TSCPL @ Home 44% said yes and 55% said no. Some people gave reasons as to why they would not do TSCPL @ Home and we may have to market TSCPL @ Home more because people seem to be confusing it with Red Carpet.
  • Fun – Thad
    • Thad presented Leading with Fun. With COVID there was a loss a sense of fun and camaraderie. Thad wants to bring back a sense of belonging and inclusion by developing a curriculum of fun. Thad presented on possible weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly activities for all staff to participate in.
  • All Staff Meeting Agenda Review – Thad
    • Thad passed around a draft agenda and the group discussed the upcoming all staff meeting on September 7.
  • Assignment for Next Meeting – Brenda
    • Brenda assigned reading from the book. The group will read Chapter 1 and discuss on September 13th.
  • Announcements
    • Angie – Paul and Thad allowed a small breakroom in Circulation and that is getting set up now
    • Paul – The Oakland Smartlocker is now installed. The MOU for Fairlawn Plaza was sent to Randy Austin today.
    • Jesse – HR put the Accounting Supervisor position back out for two more weeks to get a larger number of qualified applicants for interviews
    • Kim – Judy will be out for September and October and asks that conference requests for that timeframe be made before she leaves.
    • Debbie – gave a big thanks to managers with staff working in the L2TC
    • Brenda – asks that if you haven’t scheduled your staff or yourself for safety and security training please do.
  • Adjourned at 3:34 pm.

Next Meeting

September 13, 2022

2:00 pm – 3:30 pm

Marvin 101C

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