Management Team Minutes October 26, 2021

Management Team Minutes

2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Marvin Auditorium 101BC


Marie will give us an overview of what to expect over the next couple of months with the change in leadership, we will bring back updates from our previous discussion of the new Emerging Leaders program and discuss the organizational priorities and payphones.


  • Ice Breaker Question – favorite Halloween costume
  • What to expect – Marie
  • Emerging Library Leaders – Kristin
  • Payphones at the library – Thad
  • Organizational priorities – Thad
  • Announcements

Future Guests and Agenda Items

Nov 9 –     Christina Callison – Reference Data Collection & Robert Soria – Statistical Update

Nov 23 –

Dec 14 –


  • Ice Breaker Question – favorite Halloween costume
    • Margo – Cleopatra
    • Kristen – Rainbow Bright
    • Jacqueline – Dressed her dog up as Yoda.
    • Erin – Her children dressed up one year as a monkey & zookeeper.
    • Greg – His son dressed up as The Raven from (EAP) poem.
    • Kim – Her daughter dressed up as a chicken.
    • LeAnn – Her son dressed up as a helicopter
    • David – His oldest children dressed up as lamps.
    • Scarlett – Her son dressed up as the Statue of Liberty and her infant daughter as an immigrant.
    • Kelli – She recalled dressing up as a roller derby girl.
    • Marie – She recalled dressing up as Stevie Nicks.
    • Autumn – Her children dressed up as St. George and the dragon.
    • Debbie – Her children dressed up as sock monkeys.
    • Thad – His daughter dressed up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and his son dressed up as Bob the Builder one year. He recalled dressing up as Pac-Man.

What to expect – Marie

Currently working on the following:

  • Scheduling direct report meetings.
  • Schedule individual meetings with librarians and review priorities within small groups.
  • Thad will lead MTM
  • Currently of the Senior Director’s group.
  • Review original priorities goals and develop a strong purposeful strategic plan.
  • Work reintroducing ourselves to our community
  • Refer to our current situation with COVID as Pandemic Recovering. We are moving forward and moving out of reactive mode.

Lead Assignments:

  • Paul – TSCPL at School
  • Scarlett – Discovery Center Class
  • LeAnn/Lissa – Book Environment
  • Debbie – Kettering
  • Autumn – Social Justice Book Club
  • Debbie – Tech Space
  • Marie will continue to lead on Partnerships

Note the following:

  • Marie has been removed from distribution listings on the mentioned lead assignments.
  • Will remain on the MIC listing for the remainder of 2021.
  • Her previous phone number 4460 has been transferred to 4480.

Work Plan for 2022 includes: focus on the library being visible, working through projects, and establishing a work plan related to Performance Measurers.

All Staff Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 17th via Zoom. Information to follow.

Emerging Library Leaders (ELL) – Kristin

She provided an update on ELL program. The program will be launched on November 1, 2021. An All Staff email will be sent out. The application deadline is December 1, 2021. ELL Committee will review applications and will have selections made by December 15, 2021. ELL Committee consists of the following: Marie, Thad, Jesse, and Kristin.

Payphones at the library – Thad

Thad informed MT that the payphone company that provides maintenance is unresponsive to inquiries and requests. Payphones will be removed.

Updated Emergency Call Process: Security will handle emergency calls needed to be made by patrons since we no longer have payphones. Emergency calls would be medical or if they need a car to be towed (and this is only so we are the car is temporarily in the lot and is not left in the lot). All other calls will be referred to the security department and addressed at their discretion. Please direct questions and/or concerns to Greg and/or John.

Organizational priorities (OP) – Thad

Thad requested MT to review the original priority listing. Mark complete the item(s) you are responsible for completing. The OP Listing will be reviewed at the November 9, 2021, MTM.


Kristin – Service award photos are scheduled, and a rain date is scheduled.

Erin – New café operator contract has been signed. The café is scheduled to open on November 22, 2021. Stay tuned as the café vendor will be announced soon.

As a friendly reminder: Cell phones are not to be utilized during the meeting. Phones should not be visible, with the exception for Security/Facilities/Maintenance- John & Greg.

Next Meeting

November 9, 2021

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

MA 101BC

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