Management Team Notes August 31, 2021

Management Team Agenda

2:30 pm – 4:00 pm
Marvin Auditorium 101BC


We will create a more engaging Management Team meeting, including a follow up discussion based on Gina’s presentation, as well as updates on some projects mentioned in previous meetings.


  • Introduction – Thad
  • Management Team Meetings – Thad
  • Discussion of Gina’s presentation – Thad
  • Library Handbook – Marie
  • United Way Committee – Thad
  • Announcements


Jesse Maddox, Thad Hartman, Kim Strube, Kristin Kelly, Darci Scott, Scarlett Fisher – Herreman, Marie Pyko, Mary Campbell, Kelli Smith, Erin Aldridge, Greg Gaul, Sandy Hestand, LeAnn Burghardt, Debbie Stanton, John Kugler, Ivan Johnson, Paul Brennan, and Jacqueline Belden

Minute Minutes

Introduction – Thad

  • Thad briefly reviewed the agenda – Welcomed new team member Jacqueline Belden.

Management Team Meetings – Thad

  • Thad reviewed management team meeting rules. He requested cell phones not be utilized during the meeting. Phones should not be visible, with the exception for Security/Facilities/Maintenance- John & Greg.

Discussion of Gina’s presentation – Thad

  • Thad presented the following questions that arose from Gina Millsap’s presentation:
  1. 1. What does our community need now?
  • COVID Testing
  • COVID Information
  • Stay Open
  • Connection – People
  • Consistency – More normal
  • Trust in our safety Protocols
  • Compassion & Friendly – Welcoming people
  • Events (e.g., Booksale)
  • Job help
  • Help with Basic needs (e.g., legal forms)
  • Digital resources
  • Entertainment
  • Fun, meaningful activities
  • Computers (maxing out space?)/not everyone has access
  • Snack
  • A/C- Comfy place to sit
  • Community gathering place
  • BKMS-Regulars
  1. 2. What is job #1 for TSCPL coming out of the COVID zone?
  • Getting people to use us again in #
  • Respond to changing behaviors that are permanent (e.g., digital downloads)
  • Who is the building for?
  • How do we build on this? – referencing Respond to changing behaviors.
  • Integrate services that may not leave overlapped previously
  • Outreach – be where people are
  • Get library cards to people – events & outreach
  • Community Engagement w/underserved groups
  • Library as a destination – experience/ Library as center of town
  • Learning center, Claire’s, CAFÉ
  • Pace ourselves – How to define priorities
  • What do we give up?
  • Ads for gallery were great
  • We need to be ready for them
  • Address needs of telework, telehealth, etc.
  • More career changes & be able to respond
  1. 3. What is the most important skill librarian must have now?
  • Civility w/ each other
  • Understand all needs of customers: relationships not customers, broaden customer service experience.
  • Experience not transactional
  • Cross trained
  • Ability to work in “grey” not black & White
  • Flexibility
  • Communication
  • Agile – able to face unknown
  • Know when they need to slow down – experience vs transaction
  • Good experiences lead to more card holders, customers, visits, etc.
  • US vs everyone needs a broad understanding of everything going on in the library
  • We need to model the way
  • Establish priorities – everyone “join on the journey”
  • Keep this in mind when hiring
  • Evolve position descriptions
  • Effectively communicate expectations and meet needs to communicate with all
  • Involve staff in developing seniors & priorities
  • Practice w/staff (e.g., reopen team)
  • Trust
  1. 4. What is the library’s brand now?
  • Need to know what our community wants.
    • How
    • Relationships
  • Community goal

Library Handbook – Marie

Maria provided a review of the Library Handbook. The handbook will serve as a reference aide. Providing a brief introduction of the library’s core values, mission, community impact goals, organization chart, and description of library departments & services.

Each department is needing to provide a description of purpose, staffing data, and overview. This information is due within two weeks of this meeting, due date Tuesday, September 14.

United Way – Thad

Thad informed the group that Sarah has stepped down as chair. A new chair and committee members are needed. If you and a member of your team are interested in serving please contact Thad.


KimThe library will only reimburse the economy parking rate at Kansas City Airport. For example, if you choose to park in the terminal parking lot, where the fees $23/day, the library will only reimburse the economy rate of $7.50/day.

As a friendly reminder, prior to traveling be sure to review Conference Travel & Training at

Mary – Requested complaints received from MIC kindly include customer name and phone, if possible.

Diana – As a reminder Manager in Charge (MIC) no longer have approver authority within Communico (form). If you have questions, please consult with Bonnie.

Next Meeting

September 28, 2021

2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

MA 101BC

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