Management Council notes January 3, 2019

Management Council notes

January 3, 2019
2:30-4:30 pm
Marvin Auditorium 101A


Scarlett Fisher-Herreman, Kim Torrey, Jesse Maddox, David King, Paul Brennan, Thad Hartman, Debbie Stanton, Ivan Johnson, Kelli Smith, Sandy Hestand, Marie Pyko, Ruth Rodden, Kristin Kelly, Stephanie Hall, John Kugler, Nancy Lindberg, Mary Campbell, LeAnn Brungardt, Autumn Friedli, Gina Millsap

Call to order
Jesse Maddox called the meeting to order at 2:30 pm and reviewed agenda – reviewed minutes.

Meeting Purpose

Management Council, Training Program, Orientation/On Boarding, and Mitel Training & Upgrades.

Expected Product:

  • Discuss and review Management Council Meeting objectives. Review current, future training and orientation/on boarding program processes and procedures. Understanding changes with the Mitel phone system.
  • Review of minutes from the December 06, 2018 meeting
  • Approved as written.
Training on upgraded Mitel phone system

David discussed the upgrades that are schedule to occur January 19-20. VOIP phone system, Shoretel, was recently purchased by another VOIP phone company – Mitel. The logo for the VOIP software is changing. A detailed listing of changes can be found at
A Quick Reference Guide can help navigate some of the phone features. Be sure to review the quick reference guide before you use the new VOIP software (please ignore the Share Screen and the IM features mentioned in the guide)..

Kristin asked supervisors to provide her and Kate with a listing of key staff power users. She would like to have this listing provider to her by Friday, January 18.

Management Council purpose, topics, and frequency

Gina asked the following questions: how Management Council is unique from other meetings? What is our To Do List? How often should MC meeting?
The below bullet items are the responses to the questions asked.

How is Management Council Unique?

  • Discussion of HR & Security Issues
  • Initial framing & discussion of policies
  • Department updates develop list ahead of time
  • Understanding scope
  • Consistent approach to project management
  • Becoming a team – we need this interaction to communicate & improve
  • Opportunity for training ; to get on the same page with how we do things
  • System wide process- develop. Example, how we handle guest passes
  • Understanding who needs what
  • Resource allocation – budget & personnel, budget development
  • Scalability: what, how, when

To-Do List

  • Develop agenda for leadership meetings?
  • Do plus/delta w/leadership cohort.
  • Developing influencers
  • Workshop & incorporate play into problem solving
  • Facilitating development of leadership cohort/team


  • 2nd (for sure) and/or 4th Thursday’s (as or if needed)
  • Could alternate week w/Leadership cohort meetings
  • Meeting time 2:30-4:00 pm
  • In closing, Gina stated that it’s imperative that we build on the agenda. Think about what will be discussed and what do we need to discuss.
What is training? The future of the TSCPL training program

Jesse and Kristin discussed staff training and how it is relative. Staff training relates to the 5th Community Impact Goal – Organization:

  • Updating work related skills
  • Stimulating interaction with coworkers
  • Building team work collaboration
  • Professional development

Need to ensure that staff is attending meetings. Leaders need to be leading by example.

TSCPL new employee orientation/on boarding

Jesse and Kristin proposed and discussed new employee orientation and on boarding processes. Kristin provided a draft proposal handout for review, comments, and suggestions.

Area Updates

Kristin – currently working on Masterful Meeting schedule and hopes to have the schedule in place/confirmed in March. As a reminder be sure to encourage staff to complete the Staff Development form indicating what breakout/course session and gift.

Jesse – new pay plan has been implemented. Finance & HR worked over the New Year holiday to ensure payroll for the first of the year, challenging. HR is actively working on sending out email notices. Anticipate hearing from Springsted at the end of the week.

 Kim – Working on closing out the year, W2’s, 1099, and preparing for the January 28th Audit meeting.

Kelli – currently have shelving positions open.

Sandy – Lingo is down for the count. Not waiting for the new adventure mobile and continuing working with teachers and Scott Middle School.

Debbie – welcomed new Public Service Specialist Patrick Berry.

LeAnn – received new toy’s and craft supplies, ready to stock.

Gina – rethink funding reserve and deploy whereas needed. 2019 accomplishments –collective of pathways impact. Effectively plan and take the following into consideration: community impact, literacy, community broad band. JEDO has given the green light to continue with consultant on rural access.2 main focuses are: Digital Literacy & Divide.

Margo – working on improving BOT & MC process.

Ruth – fully staffed and her office wall has been fixed.

Mary – Hire new sales associate for the Booktique. Next Book Sale is January 18-20.

John – work is scheduled to begin on January 7.

Ivan – Jim began working 3rd shift, Sunday thru Thursday.

Scarlett – ordering will begin next week. Ordering for 47 weeks. Consultant John Huber is scheduled to arrive on January 14.

Thad – crews will begin pulling up old tile next week. Please read this post for details.

Note: Be aware of ongoing construction. All efforts are being put into keeping the library safe and free of dust. If you see something that could be present issues or concerns please inform John. We want ensure our customer safety as well as ours.

Topics and projects for upcoming meetings

– Services offered by the Library: Facilitation – Librarian / Management Team
– Human Resources Training – Jesse Maddox and Felicia Hillebert
– Utilizing data when communicating to staff, board, and public
– New Data Source – Thad Hartman
– Invite Library Attorney Chuck Engel – review of Kansas Law (March or April)

Meeting adjourned
There was no further business to bring before the Management Council and the meeting adjourned at 4:39 PM

Next meeting: January 24, 2019
2:30-4:00 PM
Marvin Auditorium 101C
Ruth Rodden, Facilitator

Meeting Minutes: Margo

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