Management Council notes December 6, 2018

Management Council notes
December 6, 2018
2:30-4:30 pm
Marvin Auditorium 101C

Present: Scarlett Fisher-Herreman, Kim Torrey, Jesse Maddox, David King, Paul Brennan, Thad Hartman, Debbie Stanton, Ivan Johnson, Kelli Smith, Sandy Hestand, Diana Friend, Marie Pyko, Ruth Rodden, Kristin Kelly, Stephanie Hall, John Kugler, Nancy Lindberg, Mary Campbell, LeAnn Brungardt, Autumn Friedli, Greg Gaul, Gina Millsap

Call to order: Nancy Lindberg

Meeting Purpose: Pest Prevention, Springsted, Employee Handbook
Update, and plan All Staff Meeting on December 12.

Expected Products: Discuss, review current pest prevention processes and procedures. Understanding changes with the Employee Handbook; Spingsted update; Planned All Staff Meeting on December 12.

Review of minutes from the November 8, 2018 meeting
Approved as written.

Nancy called meeting to order at 2:00 pm and reviewed agenda – reviewed minutes.

Pest Prevention
Thad discussed what actions are needed when staff is addressing customers with bed bugs, i.e. visually see bed bugs on customer. First and fore most ensure staff is treating customers with dignity and respect. Contact maintenance and inform John of the situation. Visual inspection will be needed.

John– Maintenance will inspect all furniture where known customers with bed bugs have sat in and will remove furniture for cleaning if bed bugs are found. A tracking log has been utilized in the past, worked well.

Gina – Banning of customers will be done on a case by case bases. A tracking log will be needed. As a reminder Bed Bugs are not defined as a Public Health Hazard rather a nuisance. May want to visit for additional information.

Diana – Need to ensure that staff has the confidence and information needed to address issue. We need to be aggressive about communicating with staff by getting messages out to them as side from the information that is posted on the libraries website at

Gina – We need to ensure that were projecting a positive image and preserve dignity and rights of our customers.

Marie – Wanting to ensure that new staff is made of aware of current processes and procedures, included in training.

Gina/Thad – will inquire of Chuck as to how staff members should react when observing bed bugs crawling on them. A procedure is needed. In addition to handouts staff would benefit from education.

Greg – has contacted the City of Topeka for assistance when contacting customer’s landlord.

LeAnn – How do we deal with staff members that have bed bugs? In the past staff has been asked to bring additional clothing to change in when arriving to work and place clothing in a plastic sack and/or bug free tote.

Jesse/John – an inspection will be conducted by TSCPL of the staff member’s home and office.

Additional concerns of shared work space and prevention were shared.

Gina – Imperative that a procedure be put into place. Will consult with Chuck and report back his opinion.

Springsted Update
Jesse – anticipate seeing Springsted comp increase on the January 18th pay check. Please be patient as HR has several processes to oversee within paycom. Accrual rates will change based off paygrade. Each employee will receive electronic correspondence via email as to their new rate of pay. Final Springsted report will be provided at All Staff meeting once Springsted provides position descriptions.

Employee Handbook Update
Jesse – future handbook discussion will take place following the Executive Committee Meeting. Foresee written rough drafts composed and reviewed by Management Council & Chuck. Employee Handbook has 21 sections. Thus, a couple of sections will be reviewed at time and brought forth before the Trustees.

Gina – employee handbook has never been requested to view by the Trustees.

Jesse/Diana – would like an online employee handbook that provides a print format.

All Staff Meeting – December 12, 2018
Thad – would like to develop overview of the Circulation Plaza, Facilities Management Plan for 2019, Community Impact Goals, Pathways, Staff Development, Springsted, and Security with the assistance of LeAnn, Kathy, Luanne, Jesse, Kristin, and John.

Security Incident
Thad – it is imperative that Manager In Charge (MIC) be informed/notified of situations that arise and that TSCPL procedures are followed.

Gina – when a situation arises the MIC needs to ensure without fail to communicate with John, he is the point of contact.

Greg – be sure to look for things out of the ordinary. Check out fire exists and corridors.

Gina – one needs to be vigilant. Watch for roaming behavior. Gathering in spaces that are non-service points.

Ivan – MIC is permitted to review TSCPL video. Do we allow others to view?

Jesse – We are permitted to watch our own video.

Gina – Legal Action must be taken for outside viewing, a subpoena would be required for example Channel 13 to view. Procedures need to be placed in writing. A memo of procedures should be provided to staff. Ultimately we, all of us need to be vigilant and observant. As MIC it is your responsibility to ensure that John is made aware of the situation. Contact Greg and ask him to be in the area or go to a specific area. Don’t hesitate to call.

2019 Calendar Project Plan Outline
Please see attached excel project time line provided by Thad.

Thank you Thad, MR

Area Updates
Debbie – Over There: Americans Abroad in World War I” showcases WWI overseas military photography from the immense photographic holdings of the National Archives. This exhibit will be on display in the Alice C. Sabatini Gallery until January 6, 2019. Please visit the below websites to see how and who TSCPL ranks with. Check out Tim Hrenchir’s article “History Guy: Topeka library exhibit features WWI photographs from National Archives”.

Here’s the link to the “Top 10 things to do this week in northeast Kansas, Dec. 23-29”: The gallery exhibit is included as #4.

And here’s the link to the Tim Hrenchir article “History Guy: Topeka library exhibit features WWI photographs from National Archives”:

• Kelly – currently working with the Topeka VA on establishing a library site.
• Ruth – currently has a full-time Library Associate position.
• Mary – working on creating interest in the Moses Collection.
• David – no update.
• Diana – Library News is coming soon!
• Ivan – no update.
• Kim – EMS date of service is coming up and contract will be reviewed. Waiting till January 1st for 2019 conference dates.
• Scarlett – final orders going in this week.
• Margo – working on updating BOT packet procedures.
• Gina – received survey results from Tilson regarding Topeka and Shawnee County Broadband planning project, JEDO. Project Goals: Spur the gig within the City of Topeka, Digital Inclusion- pilot project with Topeka Housing Authority (THA), and Rural Broadband- looking at funding strategies.
• Greg – no update.
• Sandy – no update.
• Thad – great job to John & Team!
• Paul – no update.
• Kristin – John and I attended an active shooter webinar. I will work with John and Greg to develop an Active Shooter training program.
• Stephanie –The 3D print of the month for December is snowflakes. October we printed the bat skull (44) and in November we printed the poppy (19).
• Marie – Enjoyed working with Ashley Young on the upcoming December music concert. Actively working on marketing for Sunday Music at TSCPL with such artist as Jeff Kready and Kyla Jade. Reviewing MOU with 712 Innovations. Networking with Ronnie Padilla to assist in the recruiting of bilingual staff.
Visit Ashley Young TSCPL Holiday Music Concert.
• Autumn – no update.
• LeAnn – Great News! The Learning Play Bus is up and running.

Topics and projects for upcoming meetings
– Services offered by the Library: Facilitation – Librarian / Management Team
– Human Resources Training – Jesse Maddox and Felicia Hillebert
– Utilizing data when communicating to staff, board, and public
– New Data Source – Thad Hartman
– Invite Library Attorney Chuck Engel – review of Kansas Law (March or April)

Meeting adjourned
There was no further business to bring before the Management Council and the meeting adjourned at 4:39 PM

Next meeting
Thursday, December 13, 2018
Marvin Auditorium 101C
Jesse Maddox, Facilitator

Meeting Minutes: Margo

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