Management Council notes – November 2, 2017

Management Council notes

November 2, 2017

2:00 – 4:00 PM

Menninger Room 206

Present: John Kugler, Marie Pyko, Jesse Maddox, Mary Campbell, Ruth Rodden, Stephanie Hall, Gina Millsap, Ted Yungclas, David King, Scarlett Fisher-Herreman, Paul Brennan, Thad Hartman, Ivan Johnson, Kim Torrey, LeAnn Brungardt, Diana Friend, Greg Gaul

Call to order: Ivan Johnson 2:00 PM

Meeting Purpose: November 8, 2017 All Staff meeting preparation; Workers Compensation; Urban Library Council Statement; Learning Organization Workshops; Area Updates

Expected Products: confirmed agenda for November 8 All Staff meeting; updates to workers compensation guidelines provided and reviewed; understanding of Urban Library Council’s Statement on Race and Social Equity; review of schedule for upcoming Learning Organization workshops with Dr. Greg Paul; council is updated on departmental and area initiatives and plans

Ivan Johnson called the November 2, 2017 meeting of the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library Management Council to order at 2:00 PM in the Menninger Room 206. He reviewed the meeting purpose and provided an overview of the agenda. Minutes from the September 28, 2017 meeting were approved as presented.



Worker Compensation

Human Resources Director Jesse Maddox distributed a handout, What to do in the event of workplace injuries.  A primary change is we will begin working with Stormont Vail for workplace injuries. He also highlighted that the Manager In Charge or Security is responsible for making the call on weekends.

These procedures are for employee injuries that take place during assigned work shifts.

A copy of the employee accident report was distributed as well. The form needs to be completed within 24 hours from when the accident occurred. Directions for reporting worker compensation claims to Cincinnati Insurance are on the hand out. Forms are located on the G drive.

There was discussion relating to different scenarios.


November 8, 2017 All Staff meetings

Gina Millsap and Marie Pyko led discussion for developing the agenda for the November 8, 2017 All Staff meetings. They will be from:

8:00 – 9:00AM in the Marvin Auditorium 101C

3:00 – 4:00PM in the Marvin Auditorium 101C

5:00 – 6:00PM in the Marvin Auditorium 101C


  • Core Values and Mission – Gina and Diana
  • Branding campaign – Diana and C&M
  • Summer Learning – Stephanie Hall and LeAnn Brungardt

Diana Friend provided an update on plans for implementing the new brand. The Management Council provided input and discussion.


Urban Library Council Statement on Race and Social Equity

Gina report that the Board of Trustees endorsed the Urban Library Councils Statement on Race and Social Equity. The statement has not been discuss with the staff at this point and there needs to be a time to discuss this with them and bring them on board.

The Statement reads as follows:

As leaders of North America’s public libraries, we are committed to achieving racial and social equity by contributing to a more just society in which all community members can realize their full potential. Our libraries can help achieve true and sustained equity through an intentional, systemic and transformative library-community partnership. Our library systems are working to achieve equity in the communities we serve by:

  • Eliminating racial and social equity barriers in library programs, services, policies and practices
  • Creating and maintaining an environment of diversity, inclusion and respect both in our library systems and in all aspects of our community role
  • Ensuring that we are reaching and engaging disenfranchised people in the community and helping them express their voice
  • Serving as a convener and facilitator of conversations and partnerships to address community challenges
  • Being forthright on tough issues that are important to our communities

Libraries are trusted, venerable and enduring institutions, central to their communities and an essential participant in the movement for racial and social equity.

Everyone was encouraged to read it and managers were encouraged to discuss the ULC Statement in departmental meetings. Discussion included the thoughts that staff may engage with this quickly and we need to be prepared for this. We need to determine what the library’s role will be in facilitation and promotion of topics. Who will determine the topics and determining which topics and why.

Discussion relating to library Mission and Core Values took place as well.


Review schedule for Learning Organizations workshops

Dr. Greg Paul, Interim Department Head and Associate Professor in the Communication Studies Department at Kansas State University will lead a six workshop sessions that focus on the Community Impact Goal, “The Library will be a learning organization committed to excellence in: leadership, planning, customer focus, process management and partner focus,” the Librarian Cohort and the Management Council will be engaging in these session.

The dates, times and locations of the sessions are:

Friday,  Nov. 3, 2017       10:00AM -12:00PM          the Edge

Friday,  Nov. 10, 2017     10:00AM -12:00PM          the Edge

Friday,  Dec. 1, 2017        10:00AM -12:00PM          Marvin Aud. 101A/B

Friday,  Dec. 8, 2017        10:00AM -12:00PM          the Edge

Friday,  Dec. 15, 2017      10:00AM -12:00PM          the Edge

Friday,  Jan. 12, 2018       10:00AM -12:00PM          the Edge



  • John Kugler provided updates on Westar working on traffic lights and bedbug treatment in the reference room.
  • Marie Pyko reported that she, LeAnn Brungardt and Shari Hess met with partners regarding the planning for evening stops for Learn and Play Bus. They continue exploring additional ways to meet family needs. Two positions have been posted – MLS positions with youth interest. Marie also reported that she will be attending the final meeting at the Kettering Foundation for the Learning Exchange project. She has written and submitted the paper on the library’s project, the Learn and Play Bus.
  • Jesse Maddox reported that November is open enrollment month for employee benefits. An email has been sent to staff with information on meeting times. He asked that staff be scheduled in such a way they can attend an information meetings. In addition, there will be representative from two voluntary deferred compensation plans. The 2018 Benefits Summary is now available on the intranet. The path to get to it is: Resources à Human Resources à Benefits à 2018 Benefits Overview. Jesse also reported that he is working through issues with Paycom so the benefits module can be utilized.
  • Gina asked the group about continuing use of the Paycom scheduler. The group decided to discontinue using the Paycom scheduling component.
  • Mary Campbell reported that the Friends of the Library annual meeting will take place on Sunday, November 5, 2017 at 2:30 PM. Gina will deliver her annual State of the Library address to the group and Zan Popp will deliver the program.
  • Ruth Rodden announced that Bartlett and West is a new library at work site.
  • Stephanie Hall reported that the café pass through is now open. The large staff desk in the new media area has been removed and new chairs have arrived. Patrons are using them. Public Services is piloting a project involving moving collection up to the lobby, best sellers are there now, this is part of the design thinking concept. Public Services is also piloting a wireless catalogue computer to assist customers with self-service searches. Stephanie also reported that next week training on new reservation software will take place.
  • Gina reported that she and Nancy Lindberg met with Jessica Lehnherr and Angel Ramiro from United Way of Greater Topeka to discuss fundraising, communications, wrap around programming and evaluation for Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. They also discussed pulling together a large group to discuss areas of cross pollination using the Learn and Play Bus.
  • David King reported that new auditorium speakers have been installed. He also reported that several kiosks are being repaired.
  • Gina asked everyone to pay attention to operational issues and let people know of things not working or that need attention. She does not want to see “out of order signs” up for more than two days. If an item is waiting longer than that, it needs to be removed from the floor.
  • Scarlett Fisher-Herreman that Technical Services has a month of ordering for 2017 left to do so they are finishing that up. She also reported that the two neighborhoods Science and Nature (the 500s) and Writing and Literature (the 800s) projects are coming along nicely.
  • Thad Hartman reported the new Millennium Café sign is covering an exit sign so the exit sign will be moved. Security gates are placed at an angle going from the Café to the New Media area. They need to be situated this way so they can be the correct distance from the walls. He provided an update on the Medical Arts Building demolition at 1001 SW Garfield. It will be a parking lot in a few months. Security camera will be placed on west end of the building.
  • Kim Torrey updated the group on her transition work with Sheryl and invited people to come to her with questions.
  • Diana Friend reported that staff will be able to enter information on the revamped and upgraded Program Book program as of November 13.
  • Greg Gaul provided updates on fire codes changes as a result of the recent building renovations.
  • Marie Pyko reported that the reservable Kansas Discovery Center passes will be honored by the creation of a one-time temporary pass. These will be valid until the end of 2017. Beginning next year, the passes will not be reservable and only available on a first come first served basis.
  • Miranda and Ginger are setting up a poll for the next 2 Book Topeka books.

Topics and projects for upcoming meetings

  • Services offered by the Library: Facilitation – Librarian / Management Team
  • Human Resources Training – Jesse Maddox and Felicia Hillebert
  • HTC VIVE – David King
  • Programming
  • What community data and initiatives do we need to consider and perhaps participate in as we develop the work plans for advancing our Community Impact Goals – Thad
  • Utilizing data when communicating to staff, board, and public
  • New Data Source – Thad Hartman
  • Invite Library Attorney Chuck Engel – review of Kansas Law
  • Organizational Excellence
  • Branding update/report


Meeting adjourned

There was no additional business and the meeting was adjourned at 3:20PM.


Next meeting

Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017

2:00-4:00 PM

Menninger Room 206

David King facilitator


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