Management Council notes – April 6, 2017

Management Council notes

April 6, 2017

2:00 – 4:00 PM

Marvin Auditorium 101C

Present: John Kugler, Paul Brennan, Thad Hartman, Stephanie Hall, Marie Pyko, Cindy Hohl, Greg Gaul, Nancy Lindberg, Gina Millsap, Sheryl Weller, Stephen Lusk, Diana Friend, Mary Campbell, LeAnn Brungardt, Sandy Hestand, Rob Banks, David King

Meeting Purpose: DigitalLearn Initiative; Manager in Charge Responsibilities

Expected Products: review demonstration relating to DigitalLearn initiative; discussion about Manager in Charge responsibilities

Mary Campbell called the April 6, 2017 meeting of the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library Management Council to order at 2:00 PM in the Marvin Auditorium room 101C. She reviewed the meeting purpose and provided an overview of the agenda. Minutes from the March 30, 2017 meeting were reviewed and accepted as submitted.

Manager in Charge review

Greg Gaul distributed the Manager In Charge Evening Checklist. The handout covers the basic responsibilities. Supplemental instructions will follow, for instance handling severe weather or what to do if bookmobiles are having some sort of challenge. There was discussion related to the checklist and the following edit was suggested:

  • Add the stairwell by Technical Services to the closing portion

Additional discussion included concern that teens may possibly be going over to the Chandler Pavilion for smoke breaks that include both tobacco and marijuana. Suggestions included:

  • Security will monitor the Chandler Pavilion for that activity
  • Staff and the Manager in Charge should talk to suspected individuals about it with the Customer Code of Conduct Policy in mind.

Security coverage on weekends was also discussed:

  • There should be 2 people on duty.

DigitalLearn Initiative

David King presented an overview of the DigitalLearn initiative. It can be found at highlights of the presentation include:

  • Set up username and password and pick a class
  • Done in partnership with Cox and PLA
  • This allows us to reach more people with computer classes; self-directed learning
  • Soft launch of Digi Learn in June/July; it will be in Library News for August/September forward
  • Cindy mentioned that course handouts and completion certificates are available. Facilitate any printing needs for the customer at no cost.
  • Cindy mentioned that trainers are looking at setting up open computer lab time for users. update 

  • Cindy Hohl reported that has increased our training reach by 36% in its first 2 weeks
  • David King reported that is down until April 11th. This is due to a problem with our initial set up on their end. They are working to correct it.

Hypodermic Needle Safety 

Greg Gaul distributed a safety reminder regarding needles and other sharp objects that reported recent discovery by our maintenance staff of needles both outside and inside the library. Those found inside the library have been both in trash containers and in sanitary containers in restroom stalls. Outside they have been found in stairwells and under shrubbery.

The reminder requested that staff please be vigilant about the safety hazard represented by sharp objects such as needles and broken glass. Do not reach into trash containers if you are not able to see everything in the container. Remember that bags and other thin film containers may not be heavy enough to keep a needle from poking through and puncturing your skin. One needle that was found outside had been hidden in an empty Cheetos snack bag.

If someone is stuck, please report it immediately as a work-related injury to the supervisor, manager or Manager in Charge.

Management Council reviewed the safety reminder handout related to recent findings of hypodermic needles on library property. Greg will share the information out with staff. Discussion included:

  • Rob stated that awareness of the problem is the priority.
  • A training plan is in development and will follow.
  • Rob stated that Sharps containers will be installed in our restrooms. In seeking best practices, ULC respondents from larger communities like Denver and San Francisco indicated tips that we will follow including putting the containers in metal boxes to prevent break in.
  • 1020 and mother’s room will also have container.

Work-related Injury Reports

Stephen Lusk reminded council that Work Related Injury Reports are available on the Z Drive and L Drive. Additional discussion relating to the report included:

  • As MIC on evenings and weekends, call in as directed on the instructions.
  • For minor injuries mark “First Aid only.”
  • For injuries that need treatment call. If you don’t know the answer to the questions that come up respond, “HR will get back with you on that.” The important thing is to make sure that it gets called in.
  • By day send employees to Partners in Health. By night and weekend send employees to St. Francis ER.
  • Workers must see our doctors not their own.
  • Have someone drive the injured person over as needed.


  • Nancy Lindberg shared the Foundations Annual Report. They have been sent to each donor in 2016.
  • Sheryl Weller reported that the library had a clean audit and she thanked everyone for contributing to that success
  • Stephen Lusk reported that Felicia Hillebert won the college basketball Bracket Challenge
  • Stephen also reported on National Library Week April 9 – 15 which included Staff Appreciation Week. The schedule was reviewed.
    • This involves popup programs Monday through Friday 5 times each day (5 programs will be repeated). We will be showcasing Build a Better World, Two Book Topeka, Genecology, and Craft Kits.
    • Tours will be given by Kari and Mary that include the AMH machine and what Friends sort besides books.
  • Diana Friend reported that next week also includes our final celebration with our community for Library of the Year. Events include:
  • Diana also reported that Communications and Marketing is now fully staffed. Ginger Park started Monday.
  • Sandy Hestand reported that the Alice Bookmobile will be at Tulip Time this Saturday at Ensley Gardens.
  • Rob Banks reported that he and Marie Pyko attended the Topeka Neighborhood Expo at Gage Park last Saturday. They successfully signed up a few people for new cards. Mostly basked in the compliments for all the library does.
  • Greg Gaul reported that he attended a local training at PARS that we will look to bring here. The focus of the training dealt with drug, gang and crime trends and activity.
  • David King reported on the Computers in Libraries Conference where he presented. Gina was the keynote. She did well receiving applause from the crowd multiple times. He suggested that people attend the conference to obtain an overview on what’s technologically trending.
  • Marie Pyko reported that Kari Zimmerman is looking for people to help with a Rotary tour in the morning. Nancy is one guide. Cindy volunteered to pick up the additional spot.
  • Gina Millsap reported that the library will host the Legislative Coffee on Saturday from 9-10:30.
  • Gina also reported that funding for LSTA has been preserved and the IMLS funding will be reviewed soon.
  • Rob Banks reported the people are playing on the new concrete structures in the front of the library and asked that we inform customers not to do this.

Topics and projects for upcoming meetings

  • New Data Source (April) – Thad
  • HR Training (April ) – Stephen Lusk, Felicia Hillebert
  • PARS presentation (May 4) – Lynn Smith, Community Prevention Consultant, PARS and Greg
  • Services offered by the Library: Facilitation – Librarian / Management Team
  • What community data and initiatives do we need to consider and perhaps participate in as we develop the work plans for advancing our Community Impact Goals – Thad
  • Invite Library Attorney Chuck Engel – review of Kansas Law
  • First review of budget requests by Management Council (June 1 meeting)
  • Second review of budget requests by Management Council (June 8 meeting)
  • Final review of budget documents (June 20 meeting)
  • Organizational Excellence
  • Branding update/report

Meeting adjourned

There was no further business for the Management Council and Mary Campbell adjourned the meeting at: 4:00 PM 

Next meeting

Thursday, April 27, 2017

2:00-4:00 PM Marvin Auditorium 101C

  • Scarlett Fisher-Herreman – facilitator

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