Management Council notes – January 26, 2017

Management Council notes

January 26, 2017

2:00 – 4:00 PM

Menninger Room 206

Present: Cindy Hohl, David King, Diana Friend, Gina Millsap, Ivan Johnson, John Kugler, LeAnn Brungardt, Mary Campbell, Michael Perkins, Marie Pyko, Nancy Lindberg, Paul Brennan, Rob Banks, Ruth Rodden, Scarlett Fisher-Herreman, Stephanie Hall, Stephen Lusk, Thad Hartman, Nate Hohl, Brea Black, Ted Yungclas

Meeting Purpose: Library partnerships and collaborations; Fifth Discipline; DigitalLearn project; Librarian/Management Council Team plan; Facilities Master Plan planning groups; Collectibles Neighborhood; Departmental/Area Priorities

Expected Products: complete additions, corrections and updates to Library collaborating partners and entities; begin working through Fifth Discipline concepts; Introduction to the DigitalLearn project; Librarian/Management Council Team plan presentation; updates from Facilities Master Plan planning groups; report on changes to the Collectibles Neighborhood; discussion regarding Departmental/Area priorities

Marie Pyko called the January 26, 2017 meeting of the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library Management Council to order at 2:00 PM in Menninger Room 206. She reviewed the meeting purpose and provided an overview of the agenda. Minutes from the January 5, 2017 meeting were reviewed and accepted as edited.

Partnerships and Collaborations

Thad Hartman showed the Management Council the Excel spread sheet located on the L-Drive that identifies partners and collaborators that participate in programs and initiatives with the Library. (L-Drive → sharing folder → Administration → Library Partnerships Lists) He gave a brief overview of how the spread sheet is laid out and the information is detailed. He asked members of the Management Council to review the spread sheet on their own and update and/or add necessary information by the end of next week. The updated information will be shared with the Board of Trustees.

Discussion included differentiating partners/collaborators from vendors, including a brief description on the context of the relationship and ultimately having a form of the list included on the website.

The Fifth Discipline

Cindy Hohl provided an overview of the chapter A Shared Vision in Peter Senge’s book The Fifth Discipline. She presented a Power Point reviewing various aspects of the chapter and applying the components of the accompanying fieldbook.

There was discussion regarding the strategy of building a shared vision and the five stages identified in the fieldbook:

  • Telling
  • Selling
  • Testing
  • Consulting
  • Co-creating

Other discussion included:

  • plans and ideas for next steps in becoming a learning organization.
  • Devising plans for moving forward – identifying what is most important and why
  • how we provide access to communication that happens between departments, between administration and using the same language.
  • shared meaning – what is important and why.
  • personal vision – how it supports shared vision
  • how the Individual learning plan tool will assist with bridging personal vision and shared vision.
  • Determining our global impact.
  • Governing values
  • Core values
  • Determining how one begins to think differently
  • Determining what to do next


DigitalLearn project

David King provided an overview of a new initiative in which the Library will be participating with Cox Communications and the Public Library Association (PLA). The project description below comes from the January 2017 Chief Executive Officer’s report to the board of trustees and well describes the Library’s role in the project.

TSCPL is one of three libraries to be invited to participate in a pilot project that partners public libraries with Cox Communications (as their local provider) to provide digital literacy training and support to their communities. Each of the libraries (TSCPL, East Baton Rouge Parish Library and Pima County Public Library) will receive a specially built and customized technology training website that will facilitate our effort in digital literacy education in our communities. In return, we commit to using the training materials to reach out to community members, especially those on the wrong side of the digital divide.

Our customer experience manager Cindy Hohl and our trainers will be working with the Topeka Housing Authority, using our new technology training classroom at Deer Creek, to provide training for local residents. If you’d like to see some examples of the content that will be used with new digital learners, you can visit the DigitalLearn website.

David attended meetings at the recent ALA Midwinter Conference that detailed how we will build out our systems to support the initiative and determine classes and training the Library will provide. Classes and training will take place at the Library and at Deer Creek. Cox will provide internet service to qualifying homes at a rate of $9.99 per month and will provide some television spots highlighting the initiative.

Book Rich Environment Initiative

Gina Millsap introduced the Book Rich Environment Initiative to the Management Council. The following is an excerpt from the January 2017 Chief Executive Officers Report to the Board of Trustees:

TSCPL is one of 35 libraries that has been invited to participate in the Book Rich Environments Initiative, the first national initiative that brings the local public library and public housing agencies together on behalf of the children and families living in public housing. BRE was formally launched on January 5, 2017 in Washington, D.C. This invitation came as a result of the Urban Libraries Council identifying TSCPL as a potential partner.

Along with providing high quality diverse books, the BRE initiative will establish partnerships between PHAs and local libraries and build strong local coalitions that will support the community’s capacity to harness the energy, local knowledge and resources of existing book distribution programs, libraries and funders around sustainable efforts to ensure children and families in public housing communities have access to print and digital books. National partner organizations include the U.S. Departments of Education, (DoED) the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, (HUD) My Brother’s Keeper, (MBK) the Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, (GLR) the Urban Libraries Council (ULC) and the National Book Foundation, (NBF).

Librarian/Management Council Team plan

Marie Pyko gave background information and shared preliminary work she is doing with the Librarian cohort. Brea Black and Nate Hohl were in attendance as the draft of the plan for “everyone will continue learning new ways to live their best lives” Community Impact Goal was presented.

A working template for all the Community Impact Goals and Library Core Values was distributed and Thad Hartman discussed how the template was developed. As he walked the group through the template he stressed that the document should be considered a first draft. Some editing of the document was suggested during initial discussion.

Discussion included:

  • The indicators, will they be spread across all areas?
  • Who is the leader for this effort?
  • Does/how do Individual Learning Plans fit in with the concept?

The team plans to know what the work involved will be to begin implementation of Community Impact Goals by May 2017. This will correlate with potential budget request deadlines.

Thad is the point person for questions/answers/suggestion as the template is completed. Management Council was invited and encouraged to send him feedback.

Facilities Master Plan planning groups

Thad Hartman provided an update on the phase I renovation/remodel projects developed through the Facilities Master Plan and the work done by the planning groups. All three groups are working closely with Tevis Architects and the Facilities Master Plan Committee.

The North Reading Room team led by Paul Brennan is working out details to move periodicals to the area and develop a plan that keeps that space a quiet reading area.

Stephanie Hall leads the collaborative spaces team that is planning design for four additional small group meeting rooms and the renovation of the four existing small group meeting rooms. They are working out details relating to how services in that space will be delivered. Reference materials housed there will need to be relocated and plans regarding reservation of the meeting rooms need to be worked out.

The team working on the Millennium Café pass through is led by Marie Pyko. Details regarding securing the new entry area/doorway are being worked out as well as determining services points that support the new service model.

Customers have been surveyed relating to the above projects and staff input has been solicited.

The request for proposals (RFP) for these projects will be released in February with plans to present recommendations to the Board of Trustees at the March board meeting.

The circulation lobby area is a phase II project and plans will be finalized next year. Currently, staff is working through a Design Thinking process regarding best utilization of the space. They are in the ideation phase of the process.

Collectibles Neighborhood

Scarlett Fisher-Herreman updated the Management Council on plans to eliminate the Collectibles Neighborhood. The collection is aging, circulation is low, less print material is being created relating to collectibles and customers are referring to more internet sources to determine value of collectible items. The current collection will be rehomed to other areas in the library and/or the Dewy area from where they came. This will be a gradual process and appropriate signage and communication will be used to assist customers.

Topics and projects for upcoming meetings

  • Process Improvement: Conference Attendance – Thad Hartman
  • New data source – Thad Hartman
  • Departmental / Area priorities – Thad Hartman
  • Services offered by the Library: Facilitation (need a point person for this topic)
  • Determine what community data and initiatives Library needs to consider and participate in as work plans are developed for advancing Community Impact Goals (need point person for this)
  • Invite Library attorney Chuck Engel – review of Kansas Library Law
  • CPR training/MC – Greg Gaul
  • Organizational Excellence
  • Branding update/report

All Staff Meetings

There will be no All Staff Meetings on February 8, 2017

Meeting adjourned

Time set for the meeting expired at 4:00 PM and the meeting ended

Next meeting

February 2, 2017

2:00-4:00 PM Marvin Auditorium 101C

Ruth Rodden – facilitator

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