Management Council notes – June 30, 2016

Management Council notes

June 30, 2016

2:00 – 4:00PM

Marvin Auditorium 101A

Present: David King, Greg Gaul, Gina Millsap, Ivan Johnson, LeAnn Brungardt, Mary Campbell, Michael Perkins, Marie Pyko, Paul Brennan, Rob Banks, Sheryl Weller, Stephanie Hall, Stephen Lusk, Thad Hartman, Ted Yungclas

Meeting Purpose: catch up on recent pending topics; plan retreat

Expected Product: Decisions on topics where possible, have a retreat planned

Mary Campbell called the June 30, 2016 meeting of the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library Management Council in the Marvin Auditorium 101A to order at 2:00 PM. She reviewed the meeting purpose and agenda. Minutes from the June 9, 2016 meeting were reviewed and accepted as presented.

Review 2017 Budget

Sheryl Weller provided a brief update on status of the 2017 budget. She will be meeting with members of the Board of Trustees and Management Council July 6 for the second board budget work session. Final numbers are nearly in place. She has the numbers for health care costs and she reported that there should be some savings. The KPERS rate is down. The mill levy will remain flat and the budget is being prepared with the understanding that there will be no tax increase. The packet for the second board budget work session will be ready next week. She also reported that the library has received the cost estimates for the master facilities plan.

Report from LibStaffer Demo

Rob Banks reported that he, Marie Pyko and David King planned to attend a LibStaffer demonstration, however, the presenter was double booked and not able to meet with them. The presentation has been rescheduled and they will report back to the Management Council at the next meeting.

Further discussion on ADP

Rob and Sheryl provided an update on the ADP upgrade. Sheryl shared copies of email conversations with ADP representatives. Sheryl is still supportive of the move to the ADP upgrade, but there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. Conversations will continue.

Group discussion included conversation about several of the upgraded components that are very good and will be helpful. The performance appraisal segment and the on-boarding segment look promising,

It was noted that if the library does move ahead with plans to upgrade ADP, everyone will need to participate. There will be no secondary systems and/or redundancies.

Additional information on FLSA

Stephen Lusk reported on next steps relating to changes in exempt to non-exempt employment status. He will work on job classifications and descriptions that need to be updated and/or changed.

Plan retreat strategies

Rob and Gina discussed plans for meeting with the librarians regarding the development of the community impact goals and strategic planning. As the library moves toward the implementation stage of the strategic plan, objectives will need to be developed and measurement strategies need to be in place. This all needs to coordinate with strategic plan implementation. Library leadership will look at the goals, start thinking about objectives and determine what the right response will be for services offered and service response. The following need to take place:

  • Bringing Librarian cohort leadership together at objective planning level.
  • Next develop tasks and strategies
  • Key librarians will be asked to do some research
  • Have indicators and measurable targets in place (e.g. ideas in mind for every child ready for kindergarten)
    • How will we measure the CIGs?
    • What objectives?
  • Begin educating ourselves regarding causal and correlation products (how “squishy” are we going to be with this?)

Other discussion relating to forms of measurement took place. We should use a variety of measures so we can capture the best picture for results. We will need to determine the best indicators for the above responses for services.

Thad will provide an overview of PLA outcomes.

Thad will coordinate strategies to stay on time and on target.

Marie, Gina, Rob, Thad, Paul and LeAnn will meet and prepare for the larger meeting including the Librarian cohort:

    • Set goal
    • Large group
    • Move it off site (school board facility)
    • United Way assist with facilitation

It will be important to report back to the staff

Outline for agenda for the next All Staff Meeting

  • Master facilities plan
  • Report out on goals
  • Library of the Year
    • Look for a date/time in July

Plan reports from PLA and ALA

Rob reminded the Management Council that we still had not found a time to meet with staff and interested individuals to report back from April’s PLA conference in Denver and now ALA conference attendees are back with even more information to share. The idea of developing a combined PLA/ALA talk back/report out meeting was discussed.

  • Need to determine a date/time
  • Use an unconference format
  • Designate staff to present (opportunity for staff who want to gain experience making presentations at future conferences)
  • Open the meeting to all staff
  • This would be a learning opportunity for staff
  • Incorporate mini discussion groups
  • Incorporate table top talks
  • Do like an Ignite activity
  • Have food/snack
  • One hour duration

Library of the Year

Gina reported on the ALA conference and the Library of the Year recognition. We need to share the award with the staff. Ideas for reporting out to staff and others included:

  • All Staff Meeting
  • A central location to see the award
  • Rotate award through the departments and areas
  • Host an event for staff and retirees
  • Host an event for the community
  • Coordinate communication plans through Communications and Marketing (Diana)
    • Official email signature – everyone will use it
    • Staff interviews
    • New video from MotoVike films


  • Greg Gaul distributed information regarding power outage preparedness. He would like to discuss this at the next meeting. He has also developed a phone list group that includes anyone/everyone that might need to be notified in case of an emergency. What he distributed is a draft and he wants the Council to review it. His goal for the telephone list it to have it condensed to one sheet of paper and in a form that a manager in charge can access the information easily. He wants to develop more emergency drills.
  • Gina gave brief update on David Monical.
  • LeAnn Brungardt provided a brief overview of National Summer Learning Day that will take place July 14. This program is part of the Kansas Reading Roadmap. Activities at the Library include hosting 150 children from 9:00 AM until noon. The theme for the day will be “dogs.” There will be a lunch served at 11:30 AM
  • Stephen Lusk reported that holiday schedules have been entered for July 4. He encouraged managers and supervisors to adjust schedules for employees working on the weekend now rather than waiting until after the holiday. He requested that future MC agendas include time for HR updates and policy review. Insurance data will be in tomorrow.
  • Rob Banks reported on ULC meetings he attended at ALA. He has copies of the June issue of Library Journal for the Management Council, the Trustees, the Foundation Board and the Friends Board.
  • Diana Friend reported that the Communications and Marketing staff is on vacation. They will begin gearing up for fall programs and initiatives. Deadline for the October/November issue of Library News is July 6. She continues to work on internal communications. She is also continuing work with branding and soon will have something to bring to the group.
  • Stephanie Hall hosted a group of staff members from West Wyandotte Library that came to discuss our new service model. They were interested in how we came up with ideas and how it’s working. She discussed our process with them.
  • Thad Hartman reported that Bookmobile staff member Nancy Vaughn’s last day is today. She has been with TSCPL since 1999 and will be missed.
  • Paul Brennan reported that the new auto renewal initiative will turn on tomorrow. The first date for auto renewal will be July 5.
  • Mary Campbell reported that the Friends getting ready for their July sales. They will initiate an early bird option which will be twice the regular price. There will be a bag sale and a media sale.
  • Greg Gaul reported that new phones (iPhones and iPod touches) will be distributed for Maintenance, Security, Facilities, and Digital Services staff. This new equipment will allow an easier way to get hold of staff in and away from the building. Joey Embers is coordinating this project and sent detailed information about these changes to the staff on June 27.
  • LeAnn reported that Krystal Fawl’s last day was yesterday. She was able to take a full time job. Kathy Barron will be leaving to take a kindergarten teaching position.
  • Gina commented that we need to discuss “off boarding.”

Topics and projects for upcoming meetings

HR updates/policy reviews – Stephen Lusk

Emergency telephone call list for outside contacts – Greg Gaul

Power outage preparedness – Greg Gaul

LibStaffer Demo – Rob Banks

CPR training/MC – Greg Gaul

Organizational Excellence

Cultural Change (How Management Council will work together in the future)

Joint meeting with Librarian Cohort – Lifelong Learning goal (January)

Branding update/report

Meeting adjourned

There was no further business to be conducted and the meeting adjourned at: 3:38 pm.

Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 7, 2016, 2:00-4:00PM in Marvin Auditorium 101C

Scarlett Fisher-Herreman – facilitator

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