Management Council notes – July 14, 2016

Management Council notes

July 14, 2016

2:00 – 4:00PM

Menninger 206

Present: David King, Diana Friend, Greg Gaul, , LeAnn Brungardt, Mary Campbell, Michael Perkins, Marie Pyko, Nancy Lindberg, Paul Brennan, Rob Banks, Ruth Rodden, Sandy Hestand, Scarlett Fisher-Herreman, Sheryl Weller, Stephanie Hall, Stephen Lusk, Thad Hartman, Ted Yungclas, Joey Embers

Meeting Purpose: Learn about Manager in Charge technology and discuss HR policy

Expected Product: Decision on HR policy

Diana Friend called the July 14, 2016 meeting of the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library Management Council to order at 2:00 PM in Menninger Room 206. She reviewed the meeting purpose and agenda. Minutes from the July 7, 2016 meeting were reviewed and accepted as presented.

New iPhone – push to talks training

Joey Embers from Digital Services discussed using the new Zillow Push to Talk application installed on the various service desks computers to contact security, Maintenance and Digital Services. Managers in Charge will use the application as well. There are two groups of users and the MIC is a member of the “All Group.” Joey updated the group on the implementation and reported that feedback has been positive.

There was discussion regarding different components of the new system and how they work. Joey agreed to send an update to managers and supervisors about the process for logging in.

Joey encouraged the managers and supervisors to contact Digital Services with questions as they arise regarding operation of the new phones.


As part of the employee handbook review and revision currently under way, prior to the meeting Stephen Lusk distributed six new or revised Handbook Policies for review and discussion. All of them related to different types of leaves of absence.

Family and Medical

Stephen reviewed specific details of the policy and outlined procedures. The policies are developed to protect employees and they need to make sure the manager has informed HR of a family or medical situation. HR director designates the leave and it begins on the date of first use if designated.

Other comments, feedback, thoughts on semantics, and terms were discussed.

Time off to Vote

This policy has not been the Handbook but is required by Kansas Law. Stephen went through specifics and provided examples of how the policy would apply. Discussion related to the policy included:

  • How to verify employee voted
  • Include asking employee to provide advanced notice that they will need the two hour leave time

Leave for children school activity

Stephen reported that this policy would be a new addition to our policy book and was not required by statute. Discussion included:

  • The need for clarification that the policy is only related to school activities
  • Vacation leave could be used for this
  • Add language like that found in FMLA detailing when the leave could be used, such as– at least one year of service and/or number of hours worked

Military Leave

Stephen reviewed the policy. Discussion included:

  • Revision would align current library policy with recent changes to the law
  • Language modifications for clarity

Funeral Leave

Stephen reviewed the revised policy text. Discussion included:

  • Expanding the scope of qualifying relationships – more relationships made eligible for leave
  • Clarify that “short” time is less than a day for funeral time. A request needs to be made.
  • Some semantic changes suggested (usually to “schedule”)
  • Remind staff to add a note on their time card

Sick Leave

Stephen reviewed the policy. He suggested that the policy may need to be separated into sections.  Discussion included:

  • Clarify reasons for using sick leave as they apply to family
  • Clarify semantics – look at language from funeral policy
  • Clarify when medical excuses/documentation is required
  • Decide if range of qualifiers needs to be expanded
  • Determining acceptable forms of documentation
  • How to apply for unpaid sick leave
  • Specific statements in policy, replacing – clarifying duplicates

Next steps: revisions to handbook policies on other types of leave will be discussed at the next Management Council meeting

Announcements – All

  • Rob Bank requested that council members submit agenda ideas to him.
  • Mary Campbell provided an update on the upcoming bag sale and media sale. The Friends will have an early bird fee and open the night before
  • Thad Hartman reported that Carmelle Garcia has been hired as a new Bookmobile Assistant.
  • David King reported how pleased he was with how quickly Public Services responded to Pokémon Go.
  • Ruth Rodden reported that the Landon State Office Building library at work site will be increasing its delivery and pick up schedule.
  • Diana Friend reported that she continues working with Martha Piland and that we are getting closer to a brand.
  • Diana also reported that she is working with Martha on developing an internal communication plan. There will be a core group working on this initiative.
  • Diana announced that the new early learning mobile will be call the “Learn and Play Bus.”
  • LeAnn Brungardt reported that Ramona Smith began duties today as an Outreach Storyteller.

Topics and projects for upcoming meetings

CPR training/MC – Greg Gaul

Organizational Excellence

Cultural Change (How Management Council will work together in the future)

Joint meeting with Librarian Cohort – Lifelong Learning goal

Branding update/report


There was no other business to bring before the council and the meeting was adjourned at 3:50 PM.

Next meeting is scheduled for July 28, 2016, 2:00-4:00PM in Marvin Aud. Rm 101C

Greg Gaul – facilitator







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