Management Council notes October 22, 2015

Management Council notes

October 22, 2015


Menninger Room 206

Present: Cindy Hohl, David King, Diana Friend, Greg Gaul, Gina Millsap, Ivan Johnson, John Kugler, Marie Pyko, Mary Campbell, Michael Perkins, Nancy Lindberg, Paul Brennan, Ruth Rodden, Sandy Hestand, Scarlett Fisher-Herreman, Sheryl Weller, Stephanie Hall, Stephen Lusk, Thad Hartman, Ted Yungclas

Meeting Purpose: Plus/Delta of Event, further discussion of issues and learn about the Training Plan for 2016

Expected Product: Improved ideas for future events, approval of guidelines, understanding of Training Plan

The October 22, 2015 meeting of the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library Management Council was called to order by facilitator Scarlett Fisher-Herreman at 2:00PM in Menninger Room 206. Minutes from the October 8 meeting were reviewed for action items. There were no action items identified and minutes were accepted as corrected. Scarlett provided an overview of the meeting agenda that had been distributed previously.

Discussion Item:

Foundation event “Late Night at the Library” September 12 – Plus/Delta

Scarlett led the discussion of the September 12 event. Rob will use information from the +/Δ to develop an event planning process to make project like this easier in the future.

Nancy Lindberg reported that the Fund Development Committee, several donors and the Foundation Board had also participated with feedback relating to the event. All very positive and they gave high marks to the Library staff for all the hard work.

Foundation Night at TSCPL +/Δ



Donors gave high marks

–   Appreciated that we did not do formal tours – liked going at their own pace.

–   Effective

–   Not formal

–   People could go at own pace

–   independence

–   we took lots of photos

–   people liked the photo booth

–   we sent photos to individuals

–   more people came to Friends area

–   we have gotten over 9 gifts

–   lots of people appreciated that it was not a fundraiser

–   food

–   have this event again

–   Word of mouth

–   Do more next time

–   Techlogic machine

–   Beckett was the star!

–   New Cards – about 40 new library cards distributed (good to have them ready to go in advance)

–   Maintenance staff, Communications & Marketing staff, and Cindy

–   Stephanie connected with 4 people who she sees out in the community

–   Seeing people connected with Core First

–   Staff and building complemented (Everyone who was there from the staff helped make a good impression)

–   Could not say enough good thing about the staff

–   Our ROI was tremendous

–   Core first interested in being a sponsor

–   We can fine tune operationally

– map

– need to direct people (People not so familiar with the building and needed directions)

– signage for 3-D printer so people know what it is

– people didn’t always seem to know where to go

– Format changed/evolved as event developed. Last minute changes

– bottleneck at registration table

– location of Michael’s photo booth

– not all spaces as popular as we thought they might be

– digital didn’t resonate

– going across street – only 10 people

– too much to see

– wine – dress it up/serve in nice containers

– have red wine

– have planners meet with Digital Services first and avoid last minute changes

– tech issues

– self check reset

– sound issues

– photo booth – move closer to alcohol

– we can fine tune operationally for next time

– avoid booking this event when there are other community events and/or sports

– idea: have events for families with kids or younger people

– for donor cultivation can’t be like a library

– program


Great deal of discussion took place about having an event that focuses on younger couples and groups with families.

Bed Bug continuing discussion

Ruth Rodden provided an update on bed bug identification/screening. The staff has most of the procedures down using materials she distributed a couple of weeks ago. The materials contain specific examples of “how to do it” regarding dealing with bed bugs in specific locations and situations.

Additional discussion took place regarding consequences for customers that return items that are bed bug/insect ridden. In the past customers have been charged replacement costs of materials when roaches have been discovered among the items.

The following might happen:

  • Stop circulation to customer
  • Have conversation with customer
  • Determine if we charge them for materials
  • Customer cannot check out additional items until we are assured that they have the issue under control.


  • Find out what other libraries do
  • Schendel Pest Services recommendation is that anything that comes back with bed bugs should be destroyed.
  • Publicity – use Kalamazoo example as a guide for what we tell people


Ban Guidelines

Greg Gaul distributed a draft copy of Guidelines for Security When Suspending Patrons for review. Gina provided additional background information and reported on meetings that she, Greg and Rob have initiated to regularly review those individuals who are suspended from the Library. Greg asked for feedback from the managers relating to the draft. The draft will be forwarded to attorney Chuck Engel for review.

Social Media Guidelines

David King distributed a revised draft of Social Media Guidelines and discussed Guidelines for Social Media Teams and Guidelines for all staff when not at work. These will be posted on the Intranet.

Major Issues:


Cindy Hohl showed the video Training Matters and presented a program It’s Your Career using a PowerPoint to illustrate the importance of training and taking control of your career. The presentation highlighted the following topics:

  • Professional Development
  • Happy Where You Are?
  • Ready to G-R-O-W
  • Need a Plan?
  • Need Training?
  • Individualized (learning plans)
  • Providing Guidance & Support to Help Us Grow
  • Leading Others
  • Creating Your Plan
  • Training Options
  • Prepare the Training Needs Plan
  • TNA: What Problem Needs Solved?
  • Self-Management Plan
    •  understanding company culture
    •  prioritizing projects
    •  thinking long term
    • communications
    • managing change
    • capturing and sharing knowledge
    • shifting from co-worker to boss
    • continuous growth
  •  Employee-Management Plan
    •  managing employee performance
    •  managing other generations, personalities and culture
    •  motivating employees
    •  building relationships
  • Next Steps

In addition she reviewed the following items included in the PowerPoint Handout:

  • a 12 question survey related to job satisfaction
  • 5 Demands of Leadership per Dr. Morgan McCall Jr.
  • ALA: Core Competencies relating to Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning
  • Key Performance Indicators: what get measured, gets done

A Learning objectives – PowerPoint handout on the table was reviewed

A matrix containing the component outlined above was reviewed. It was also a part of the distributed packet.

The packet contained a recommended reading list.

Cindy emphasized that she needs to know what areas of training are needed so her staff can be prepared for the topics/needs appropriately. That is why we have the trainers. There was discussion relating to the ways training would work including discussion about developing and/or updating a curriculum for the Management Council, this could range from complete training in an identified area to reading and discussing a book together. She has a number of ideas and many recommendation for things that could be done. She will work with Human Resources as needed.

Updates: Everyone

  • Scarlett Fisher-Herreman provided a brief update on
  • Ruth Rodden reported that all staff will be trained on new phone system November 16 and 17. The new system will go live on November 18.

Topics and projects for the next meeting

Community impact goals (10/26)

CPR training/MC – Greg Gaul

Active Shooter table top exercise – Greg Gaul

Training – future discussion. Beyond basic core curriculum how do we continue, refresh and update skills. Facilitated discussions.

Meeting adjourned

No other business was brought to the attention of the Management Council and the meeting was adjourned at:  4:20pm.

Next meeting is scheduled for October 26, 2015 at 3:00 pm in Menninger Room 206

Stephanie Hall – facilitator


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