Management Council notes – July 9, 2015

Management Council notes

July 9, 2015


Marvin Auditorium 101C

Present: David King, Gina Millsap, Ivan Johnson, LeAnn Petrie, Marie Pyko, Mary Campbell, Michael Perkins, Nancy Lindberg, Paul Brennan, Rob Banks, Ruth Rodden, Sandy Hestand, Scarlett Fisher-Herreman, Sheryl Weller, Stephanie Hall, Ted Yungclas

Call to order: LeAnn Petrie

Time: 2:00PM

Meeting Purpose: decisions regarding upcoming meetings; elimination of the Mediabank dispenser as a service point; and continuation of a circulating video game collection

Expected Product: decision about next meeting dates; when will the Mediabank dispenser be removed from service; and decision regarding circulating video game collection

The July 9, 2015 meeting of the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library Management Council was called to order by facilitator LeAnn Petrie at 2:00PM in the Marvin Auditorium 101C. Minutes from the July 2 meeting was reviewed for action items. There were no action items identified and minutes accepted as corrected.

LeAnn provided an over view of agenda and discussed purpose of the meeting. She turned the meeting over to Rob Banks for discussion about next meeting times. Rob repeated the announcement that the Trustee meeting had been changed from July 16 to Wednesday, July 22. It will still be in the Menninger Room at 4:00PM. The group decided they would not meet July 16 or July 23. The next meeting of the Management Council will be Thursday, July 30, 2015, 2:00-4:00PM in Marvin 101C.

Major Issues:

MediaBank DVD Dispenser – LeAnn led discussion regarding previous decision to retire Mediabank dispenser and provided some brief history of the circulating video game collection. With the Mediabank dispenser and its maintenance contract going away, the games dispensed will no longer be useful. The outcome of discussion today should detail how to retire Mediabank, decide a timeline for that to occur and develop a communication plan for the staff and Public explaining why this is being done. The maintenance contract on the Mediabank dispenser expired the first of July so at this time any breakdown costs of the dispenser are on the Library.

Initial questions/answers and discussion centered on what decision had been made regarding having any type of a circulating video game collection; if any subsequent circulating game collection would/would not be dependent on some different type of dispenser; and the larger question about what our services for the gaming community are going to be.

The first identified issue – “What are our services going to be for the gaming community?” included questions and the following discussion points. (Chart notes will follow at the end of the minutes)

  • What need will this/these services fill?
  • Success factors: What will these services need to have to be successful?
  • What is currently missing in our offerings?
  • What are our current gaming strategies?
  • What information do we need to make a decision?

Decision: it was decided that a subcommittee of staff members Lisa Brien, Becca Paquette, Perry Hartmann and Andrea Bair with Paul Brennan and David King (convener and lead) would research and make recommendations regarding, What are TSCPL services going to be for the gaming community? This subcommittee will report back to Management Council on August 20.

The second identified issue – “How should Mediabank be retired, and what is our short term solution for console games?”


  • We will not circulate console games as such beyond the retirement of Mediabank.
  • Mediabank will be retired in approximately 8 weeks; the specific date will be determined by Gina and Diana Friend.
  • That “drop-dead” date ↑ will be will be determined by July 14.
  • Circulation of all video games will continue until the yet to be determined specified date.
  • Michael Perkins will work with the vendor to communicate to them the retirement date of the Mediabank dispenser.
  • Michael Perkins will secure reasonable needed maintenance parts in order to best prevent not being able to reach the retirement date due to potential equipment failure of the dispenser (that is no longer under a maintenance contract).
  • Diana Friend will be the go to person for the communication plan. She will need information from the sub-committee (above) that was established earlier in the meeting and from members of Management Council.
  • Gina will speak with Diana about the communication plan for exiting Mediabank.

Chart notes:

Issue identification:

What are our services going to be for the gaming community?

(We have internal gamers – those who use library computers to play and we support external gamers who check out games from the dispenser)

What needs will this/these services fill?

Support internal gamers

Support external gamers

Meet both digital and traditional gaming needs

Provide socialization

Provide entertainment

Provide learning: strategy, science (Minecraft)

Meet the needs of people without access at home


Success factors: What will these services need to have to be successful?

Stuff people want

Encourage socialization

Open and welcoming environment

Easy access

Low rate of theft

Equipment that won’t break easily

Formats appropriate to circulate in a library or to use at a library




What is currently missing in our offerings?

M (mature) games

PC games

iPad/android options

Newer technology (oculus rift)

Programs are on our schedule not theirs

Accounts are needed with many online games; that doesn’t work for us

Multi-player is what we offer; not many lone gamer options

No Hoopla type game opportunity is available at this time

Our vendors don’t sell video games

2hr time blocks in the Edge is prohibitive to what customers want

Mediabank experience needs to be improved or it needs to be gone


What are our current gaming strategies?

Adult gaming program

Twiin gaming program

Minecraft program





Early Literacy Stations (AWE)

Tables for card type gaming

Board games in YS

Board games in activity collection

What do we know about gaming?

Our internal circulation stats from the dispenser

Average gamer age is 31

Mostly men (51%)

Do we have the right games?

M games might increase use

Reports from home included that:

  • More people download on x-box live
  • People like adding mods
  • Gamers seem to be online more or using apps
  • There is lots of watching “how to play” footage and also creation of “how to play” footage

It seems we are talking about at least three types of approaches: consoles, apps and computers

What information do we need to make a decision?

We need research and environmental scanning about the gaming industry

We need to know more about their business models

We need to know more about their demographics

How do we know what customers want?


Updates: Everyone

  • David King – we have seen one vendor for VOIP project – two more coming
  • Nancy Lindberg – Saturday, September 12 is a Core First/Foundation even. It will feature some behind the scenes library operations. Carolyn is taking the lead with this and she will need some staff support and help.
  • Mary Campbell – reported that the Friends continue working on the bag sale and media sale. She clarified that the media sale will not be “bag sale” style – those items will be priced.
  • Marie Pyko – reported on meeting with the online registration team. There are five events set up in various areas, art, youth, and computer for this pilot.
  • Stephanie Hall – reported on the pilot project for the surface tablet. Lloyd from Digital Services has been extremely helpful in assisting with the set up and the tablet will be tested on the floor within the next couple of weeks.
  • Rob Banks – reported that the summer meal program continues to go well. The numbers of children being fed is significant. The steering committee met earlier today and they have begun developing ideas for next summer.
  • Ruth Rodden – update on SNAP. They will not be using the Outlook Schedule for the next week. At this time, they will work the SNAP schedule at six week in advance interval. Rob added that this will improve when the custom coding is complete.
  • Scarlett Fisher-Herreman – reported that the OCLC clean-up is complete. The report back for items not matching inventory recorded on Polaris was 78,159. Approximately 12,000 of those are unresolved records.
  • Scarlett – reported that Barry Beagle, the Shawnee County Planning Director, contacted her recently with a request that the library add a number of FEMA publications to the library’s collection.  This collection contained materials primarily about residential flood protection.  As Mr. Beagle explained, through Shawnee County’s participation in the Community Rating System (CRS) with FEMA, the County can obtain credit points for FEMA materials that are cataloged and made available through the local library.  CRS is a voluntary program.  Communities that do more than simply administer their floodplain management regulations can earn credit points that translate into ISO class ratings.  Shawnee County currently has a Class 9 rating which means that flood insurance policy holders in the County obtain a 5% premium reduction in the flood insurance premiums.  Having FEMA materials available for public examination through the local library is one way the County acquires points to maintain its class rating.  FEMA rewards communities that provide multiple avenues to obtain floodplain management information. Working with Mr. Beagle, we created a plan for our library to catalog the list of materials he needed for the credit points.  We decided not to put physical books into the collection but rather create ebook records that would link to the PDF publications, all of which are available at the FEMA website and would be available 24/7 to any customer looking for flood materials in the library catalog.  Additionally, Mr. Beagle included several locally produced publications about floodplain areas in Shawnee County.  Beth Nettels, one of our professional catalogers, created these records which can be accessed in Polaris by title or by a variety of subject headings related to floods. Mr. Beagle was very pleased with this outcome and wished to thank the library for being a partner in providing access to the community about floodplain protection.  He will check in annually with Scarlett and will send us updated ebook titles to be cataloged as they become available from FEMA.
  • Sheryl Weller – report on the second Board Budget Work Session. No changes expected before the document is published. She reported that we have a slightly reduced mill levy.
  • Sheryl will forward the list of approved conferences for 2016 out to managers and supervisors
  • Marie Pyko – reported on her meeting with Jared Starkey at 712 Innovations. He was impressed that librarians are able to respond to questions and how they are trained to find answers for people. The collaboration with 712 will be a valuable one.
  • LeAnn – outreach story tellers have to get TB screening through a skin test (they need to do this so they can support daycare/childcare facilities comply with regulations for adults working with children at daycare centers and preschools).

Topics and projects for the next meeting

Quarterly Staff meeting planning (meeting scheduled for August 12)

new service model


Wordsmithing for next community impact goals

Following up on gifts in kind

ILL and how we get customers to pay

Out of school learning

New digital media bags and any circulation restrictions needed on those – Scarlett


Meeting adjourned

Meeting ended at 3:50PM


Next meeting is scheduled for July 30

Marie Pyko – facilitator



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