Management Council notes – August 27, 2015

Management Council notes

August 27, 2015


Menninger Room 206


Present: Cindy Hohl, David King, Diana Friend, Gina Millsap, John Kugler, LeAnn Petrie, Marie Pyko, Mary Campbell, Michael Perkins, Nancy Lindberg, Rob Banks, Ruth Rodden, Sandy Hestand, Scarlett Fisher-Herreman, Sheryl Weller, Stephanie Hall, Thad Hartman, Ted Yungclas

Meeting Purpose: Multiple project and initiative updates and call for input

Expected Product: Managers/Supervisors/Staff members overseeing specific projects and initiatives will have had the opportunity to make presentations and obtain necessary feedback for continued work on those initiatives

The August 27, 2015 meeting of the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library Management Council was called to order by facilitator Sheryl Weller at 2:00PM in the Menninger Room 206. Minutes from the August 20th meeting were reviewed for action items. There were no action items identified and minutes were accepted as presented.

Major issues:


David King distributed a handout – Gaming in the Library/Next Steps (attached). He identified Andrea Blair, Lissa Staley, Becca Paquette, Paul Brennan, Michael Perkins and himself as members of the team that made recommendations regarding a communication plan for the elimination of the DVD dispenser, which will be taken out of service October 5, 2015, and the future of gaming in the Library.

David reviewed the information presented on the handout which included the immediate need for development of a communication plan regarding the discontinuation of service of the DVD dispenser.

General discussion centered on the communication plan for the discontinuation of the DVD dispenser. There are only six weeks remaining before the October 5 end date. This information needs to reach the public immediately. As the team works with Diana and the Marketing and Communication Department, the message needs to be framed in a positive manner, what is the ROI for those gamers who will miss the dispenser? Pragmatic issues need to be addressed, e.g. what does a customer do when he/she intended to bring the game back to the library and the dispenser is gone? A script for staff will be developed to explain what is happening regarding the removal of the DVD dispenser and how we will meet their needs.

Discussion regarding the future of gaming included near term and long term ideas and plans. It was recommended that staff members who attend TopCon obtain feedback on what people are looking for and want in games. Also, it was suggested that we make connections with gamers to find out what we can do to assist and support them.

New Service Model

Stephanie Hall distributed a handout – New Service Model Recommendations (attached) that stated the team’s charge, “How do we shift from a staff-mediated to self-service model without sacrificing customer service?” Two issues and recommendations were discussed and the process utilized in developing the recommendation was reviewed.

Anchor Point issue:

With the upcoming elimination of the reference desk, it needs to be determined how customers will locate library staff members for assistance. How do customers find us and not get frustrated when the reference desk is removed?


A small, one person, stand up desk on wheels that can be moved if needed.

Going across the street for materials issue:

There are inconsistencies in decisions of staff members to go across the street for items needed by customers. Do we continue to go across the street to retrieve library materials for customers?

Discussion included:

  • Decisions need to be consistent.
  • Determining what is the best thing for the customer.
  • How do we manage the customers?
  • Developing scripts for staff to use for working with people. Everyone should be scripted for this.
  • Trustees need to be aware of this.


A new process needs to be developed in regards to going across the street for library material. It’s recommended that a cross-departmental team be organized to work through the new process.


Rob Banks reintroduced Cindy Hohl, Event Service Manager, and reminded the Management Council that when the staff change in this position occurred, the position and responsibilities would be changed. Cindy was hired for different responsibilities than her predecessor. One of those responsibilities included programming.

Cindy briefly reviewed points of interest from initial discussions with Management Council in January. Using a PowerPoint, she presented data as related to programming which shows that there is value to and ROI for programming.

Cindy reviewed the 2007 policy regarding programming and determined that most of the Library’s programs fit within the perimeter of our programming goals.

Other topics included:

  • Advertising – stressing importance of meeting publication deadlines for Library News
  • Goals – determining importance of the goals, aligning program goals with Library goals, long term and short term strategies, and determining success
  • Interest Groups – age group, interest areas, themes-by-season, demographics
  • Process – Currently we use three different plans. Program task list details a 5 hours total plan. A task list has been developed for Basecamp. Not all tasks meet needs or are applicable to all programs.
  • Library Value Calculator – data presented from Library Research Service on our website. Return on Investment for 2014. Is there room to re-evaluate how we value our ROI?
  • Budget – reviewed how programming is funded
  • Benefit/Cost Ratio for 2014
  • Attendance for 2014
  • Program Management – how everyone is involved with programming at various levels
  • Programmers – there are currently 78 individuals who offer programs
  • What’s next? – Committee Goals:
  • Establish guidelines to ensure successful execution while increasing attendance at programs to meet our customers’ needs
  • Develop a formalized process to decrease prep time
  • Create a bi-monthly meeting schedule to review the proposals and make decisions.

Committee Tasks:

Determine Guidelines                     Select Members                                Analyze Training Needs

Embedded Service Plans               Review Forms                                   Review Stats per programmer

Develop a Workflow                       Review Stats per theme                    Evaluate Basecamp & P.B.

Review Speakers Bureau page     Create Customer Profiles              Create partnership practices

Select ROI Analysis                       Discuss advertising channels         Schedule Debrief Sessions

Nonprofit audit?

Committee task are not complete. Cindy has information and data available from previous program information plans that can be used for comparison and determining the value of the program.

Cindy asked for the support of the Management Council especially at times when new programs are developed. She has received a number of surprises as new ideas and projects emerge. There needs to be a work flow chart established regarding setting up programs. The approach needs to be seamless. Programmers need the tools to be successful and they need to follow up with supervisors so things do not fall through the cracks. Decisions we make regarding programming must reflect the community impact goals. Need to be able to drill down into the data so we can learn how many customers we serve.

The Programming Committee was formed from the Management Council, these members are

Stephanie Hall, Thad Hartman, Rob Banks, Ruth Rodden, LeAnn Petrie, Diana Friend, and Sheryl Weller (when finance/budget issues are involved)

 Updates: Everyone

  • Rob Banks reported that the base temperature for comfort for the building has been changed from 72ᵒ to 74ᵒ. The change has resulted in some humidity issues that are being addressed by facilities.
  • Rob also reported that the after school snack program will begin October 1, 2015. Training will be provided for the 40 staff members that will be involved with this program. The Edge and the Children’s library will be the sites where the snacks are distributed. Harvesters is providing the funding for the program and the Millennium Café is providing the food. Discussion included the idea of having volunteers assist with this project if they could go through the training process.
  • Sandy Hestand reported that KPERS will be our newest Library @ Work site beginning in September.
  • Sandy also reported that next week will be a maintenance week for the Bookmobiles. This information will be posted on the website.
  • Marie Pyko reported that she and Thad met with Tevis Architects yesterday to review the new service model.
  • Marie also reported the Early Childhood Bookmobile planning group had reconvened following a summer break. Several new potential partners were identified.
  • Stephanie Hall reported that she continues to work with the new service model team.
  • Michael Perkins reported that Digital Services anticipating an upgrade to SAM, this comes from the vendor. More details will be forthcoming.
  • LeAnn Petrie reported that Youth Services is wrapping up some final summer activities. The Homework Center has started again and they are finding more middle school and high school students utilizing this service.
  • LeAnn also reported that they have resolved some access issue with 501 and other school districts regarding school issued Chrome Books.
  • Nancy Lindberg reported that 130 RSVPs have been received so far for the upcoming Core First/Foundation event. She thanked Rob and Cindy for their assistance in planning the event. She also encouraged Staff to attend. Please RSVP to Nancy if you are planning to attend.
  • Gina Millsap reported on an initiative she, David and Rob are working on in collaboration with the Topeka Housing Authority and Cox Communications to provide reasonable rates internet access to the Pine Ridge area. They are following a model developed by the Kansas City Housing Authority (Connecting for Good) and Cox’s Connect2Compete for the Juniper Gardens area in northeast Kansas City.
  • Gina also reported that we have been asked to supply 16 facilitators for next year’s Conversations on Poverty non-conference. There was support for this from the Management Council. We need to get this on the schedule.
  • Mary Campbell provided a brief report on the upcoming Friends of the Library Book Sale, September 18-20.
  • Scarlett Fisher-Herreman reported business as usual in Technical Services. She shared a contact story from an Overdrive user in Australia wanting to obtain a TSCPL library card.
  • Thad Hartman reported that the Central Supply Process Improvement project is nearly complete.
  • Ruth Rodden reported that the new smart bin will arrive soon. The other bins have been installed.
  • Sheryl Weller reported that Black Mountain will allow for cross referencing for programming.

Topics and projects for the next meeting

 The group was asked to submit topics for next week’s meeting to Rob Banks.

 Meeting adjourned

There was no further business for the Council and the meeting adjourned at 4:13 PM.

Next meeting is scheduled for September 3, 2015 at 2:00 pm in Menninger room 206

Rob Banks – facilitator






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