Management Council notes – June 12, 2014

Management Council

Meeting Minutes – June 12, 2014

3:00-5:00 pm

Marvin Auditorium

Present: David King, Diana Friend, Gina Millsap, Greg Gaul, John Kugler, Nancy Lindberg, LeAnn Petrie, Marie Pyko, Michael Perkins, Nancy Overmyer, Rob Banks, Ruth Rodden, Scarlett Fisher-Herreman, Sheryl Weller, Stephanie Hall, Stephen Lusk, Thad Hartman, Ted Yungclas

The meeting of the Management Council was called to order by Nancy Overmyer. She introduced Ted Yungclas, new Executive Assistant to the CEO and reviewed minutes. There were no action items.

Gina announced that Ryan Freed has been recommended for appointment by the mayor to serve as a member of the Board of Trustees. This appointment will be approved by the City Council at its next meeting. Gina reported that the Mayor’s office has been very supportive and collaborative during this process. Ryan will serve for one year, completing the term of Dr. Bob Harder and will be eligible for reappointment.

Gina reported that the All Staff meetings were successful, well attended and exciting. MC members’ comments were also positive and staff appreciated the opportunity to contribute.

Gina reported that the Customer Survey was complete and committees would be created to review and study the data.


All attendees were asked to share what they are currently working on.

Human Resources:

Stephen reported that he is working with consultants regarding health insurance providers and is reviewing options for either self-insuring or remaining with the current health plan. He introduced the idea of offering a high deductible initiative that might be beneficial to some employees. Health Savings Accounts (HAS) would also be beneficial to some staff members. Stephen and Gina asked the MC to convey to the staff that the Library is striving to promote the best possible health care plan while keeping costs in line.

Stephen provided an update to the MC regarding the reorganization of the Gallery. Stephen and Gina have met with the Gallery staff and a memorandum will be sent to all staff shortly detailing plans regarding the reorganization.

Communications and Marketing:

Diana Friend distributed a synopsis outlining communications and marketing current projects and activities. Highlights include a collaboration with WIBW channel 13 from May 2014-April 2015.

Kelly Leatherman is the summer intern in the Communications and Marketing Department.

A media event is planned for the Bookmobile Grand Opening on July 16.

Signage is in production for Sports Neighborhood headers; Donor Recognition Lighted display; Summerfest.

Youth Services:

LeAnn reported that the department will be moving the rest of the picture books into bins starting July 17. Teen Read Week is October 12-18 and the author event for Teen Read Week will be on October 14.  They are finalizing contractual paperwork with HPHS, a financial contributor for this, and with Angela Johnson author of The First Part Last.

In searching for authors, the department also contacted the author of Esperanza Rising, Pam Munoz Ryan.  She was not available, however the publisher mentioned a local author for us to consider, Angela Cervantes.  She is a Topeka native and now resides in Shawnee.  Her latest book is Gabby Lost and Found.  Youth services will be utilizing her for an event on October 11, in promotion of the International Day of the Girl.  She was so excited about all the day encompasses that she is coming to us for payment of her mileage.  The event is being largely developed through Public Services, but several Youth Service people are involved.  The movie Girl Rising will be shown.

The rest of the department’s work centers on details of summer.  They are staffing David J’s for a large part of the day until our crowds taper off a bit.

Community Services:

Thad notified the MC that the Bookmobile staff will undergo training prior to the Grand Opening July 16. He asks for help and support from other departments so Community Services staff can have the time to complete the training course. In addition, Community Services staff will be trained for commercial driver’s license (CDL).


Ruth reported that circulation continues with the ongoing tagging project. They continue to make adjustments and work out bugs. It is anticipated that the department will continue working on this throughout the summer.

Technical Services:

Scarlett reported that regular and routine work is being accomplished. Items for new Bookmobile are here and have been processed.

 Events Services:

Nancy Overmyer reported that the Big Read Committee has reconvened reviewing grants. Responsibility for grant segments are being assigned.

Craft inventory list is being updated, Nancy invited staff to view the new area either in person or virtually through spreadsheet.

Digital Services:

David and Michael reported that the search for a network consultant is nearly complete and they are close to making a hire. The department continues to work out some issues with the check-out kiosks. The website project continues with the department working on meeting room, Foundation and Youth Services sites.

Website classes were successful and well attended. Positive results has been noted.

David and Michael request that departments include Digital Services early in the planning phases of new initiatives and projects that will involve technology. 


Gina provided an update on her work with the Heartland Visioning committee. She also informed the group about her initial work with the Broadband Work Group.


Rob reported that he is working with SNAP scheduling and plans for training to begin soon. He anticipates going live with SNAP in early fall. 


Greg reported that the security department is undergoing staff changes and there are several new people joining the staff. He asked that everyone assist and be vigilant during this time of short staffing in the security department. He informed the MC that officers in charge will need to go to managers for official information from time to time and he will follow up with an email regarding this.

Greg reported on the Health Walk and attended the Health Fair. Many people at the Health Fair offered positive comments about the new RFID.

Public Services:

Marie reported that the department is planning meetings to rebook the Bookmobile for preschool. She is working to connect with those who can move early childhood initiative forward. June 23 is National Learning Day and she has highlighted the Library’s digital bookmobile on the national map.

Staff pad training is taking place.

Marie encouraged everyone to re-read Ruth’s recent e-mails about responding to the gates.

Stephanie reported that interviews for new part-time person are complete. She also reported on gallery education and best practices and developing the 2016 exhibition schedule.


John reported that standard maintenance is ongoing, holes being patched, shelving going up and outside signs have been installed. He also reported that all custodial positions have been filled.


Sheryl is finalizing budget plans for next year and is preparing for the first Board of Trustees workshop June 12. She needs budget requests from departments immediately.  

The kiosk project is not complete from a finance perspective. Sheryl requested that staff assist each other with closing the kiosks.

Sheryl reported that she is receiving invoices for items for which she has no purchase order. She asked departments to plan ahead and organize shopping to maximize time.

Additional conversation included:

  • Discussion about kiosks “eating” money. On several occasions the bill accepter has taken money, not returned change or a receipt and later spits out the original money. The problem has been reported to Bibliotheca.
  • Future agenda items added to the list. Additional items should be forwarded to Ted Yungclas.

The next Management Council meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 26, 2014 from 2:00-4:00 p.m. Michael Perkins will facilitate. The meeting adjourned at 3:35 p.m.















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