Management Council – June 14, 2012

Date: June 14, 2012

Time: 2:00-3:30 pm

Place: Auditorium 101C

 Attending: Gina Millsap, Rob Banks, Sheryl Weller, Marie Pyko, Stephanie Hall, Diana Friend, Nancy Overmyer, Ivan Johnson, Greg Gaul, Stephen Lusk, John Kugler, Ruth Rodden, Kathy Groesbeck, Paul Brennan, David King, Scarlett Fisher-Herreman, Thad Hartman, LeAnn Petrie & Cathy Cook (recording secretary)

 Absent: Michael Perkins & Sherry Best


  • First review of FY2012 budget requests by Management Council

 Gina Millsap announced that Donna Tryon has offered to host the next annual management council retreat at her new house.  Gina will look at scheduling the retreat sometime in September or October, if that works with Donna’s schedule.

 The management council team reviewed specific needs for the FY2013 budget.  The next budget review will occur at the June 28 meeting.


Rob Banks requested that everyone give some consideration to the compact shelving that is currently in the old Talking Books area. It is not currently in use and at this time, there have been no requests or suggestions for this type of shelving.  A decision will be made about whether to move it to another location to sell it.

 Nancy Overmyer reported that Mayra Diaz from the Frisco Texas Public Library saw information about TSCPL’s Speakers Bureau on line and she scheduled a conference call with Nancy to find out more about it.  Last year there were 34 speakers and we reached 1,250 people.  So far this year we have had 41 speakers and reached 1,260 people.

 John Kugler reported that the hand, foot & mouth disease, as well as whooping cough is present in this community.  Several cases have been reported in the Lawrence area. Follow the link about the article:

 David King reported that the Polaris group will be meeting next week to touch base and talk about how the ILS implementation process is going.  So far, things seem to be going very well.

 Gina Millsap announced that on July 26 Jodi Bellinger (executive director of customer operations) & Bill Schickling (president and CEO) with Polaris will be visiting on site for feedback on how the Polaris implementation is going.  They will be meeting on July 26 @ 2:30 in the Auditorium room 101C.  The group will be doing a comprehensive plus/delta on what is going well and what could be or could have been improved.  The management council team and the other members of the Polaris group will be asked to participate in this meeting.

 Maria Pyko announced that Brad Allen, director at the Lawrence Public Library, has offered to assist with any questions or concerns we might have about Polaris.  Brad is familiar with this system.  


June 28, 2012

  • Final review of budget requests by management council




One thought on “Management Council – June 14, 2012

  1. Michelle Eklund on said:

    Is there a place or a time for staff to provide feedback on Polaris or are the executives only interested in management’s point of view? It seems logical that they could find out a lot about the product’s strengths, weaknesses, and malfunctions and from the people who are using it extensively.