Management Council – January 15, 2009


January 15, 2009


Gina Millsap, Nancy Watkins, Marie Pyko, Donna Tryon, Diana Friend, Susan Marchant, Stephanie Hall, Paul Brennan, John Kugler, David King, Stephen Lusk, Michael Perkins, Ruth Rodden, Ann Newell, LeAnn Sevy, Thad Hartman, Ivan Johnson, Suzanne Bundy, Nancy Overmyer, Sherry Best & Cathy Cook (recording secretary)

Absent: Rob Banks, Jim McHenry, Greg Gaul & Brad Allen

Meeting Purpose


Gina Millsap

  • Gina introduced Sean Bird from the Rossville Library
  • Sean recently graduated from  Emporia State University, with his MLS degree
  • Gina recently visited the Rossville Library

Staff Philanthropic and Charitable Endeavors (S.P.A.C.E.)

Brian Adams

  • The staff of the Topeka & Shawnee Public Library has a history of generously supporting philanthropic endeavors
  • Currently, three of the activities supported are all clustered at the same time of year.  United Way (Late October), Junior Achievement Bowl-A-thon (Mid-October) and Christmas Family Adoption (Mid-December) all occur within weeks of each other.
  • Staff has expressed concerns that their preferred charity has gone unrecognized
  • Create a team (3-4 staff members) that will research, choose and manage a rotating list of local philanthropies
  • Team will meet every few months and coordinate with administration
  • Staff are encouraged to suggest organizations to be considered
  • A limited number of events will be chosen each year with different events chosen the following year
  • To form and enrich civic partnerships
  • To encourage generous giving among staff
  • For the Library to continue its position as a community leader

Gina Millsap

  • Gina commended Brian for taking the lead on this issue and creating a solution.  This issue had been discussed at a previous management council meeting and no solution was recommended at that time
  • This will be a staff initiated philanthropic internal activity, helping build our community

Nancy Watkins

  • Nancy suggested that a receipt be given to staff members that make donations for tax purposes
  • Gina asked Brian or one of the team members to consult with the Finance department regards to taxing purposes

Ann Newell

  • When considering a charity, think about the time donated as well as the monetary gift

Gina Millsap

  • It is the consensus of management council members for Brian to move forward with the staff philanthropic & charitable endeavors
  • Brain has volunteered to be chair of the group/committee
  • The team needs to develop a charter & mission
  • Gina requested quarterly reports be made to management council
  • 2009 volunteers are needed for the 2009 United Way Campaign
    Executive Summary (Civic Technologies) Discussion


Stephen Lusk

  • New types of protected leave (military leave) within the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) will be in effect on Friday

John Kugler

  • On Monday, January 19, power will be cut off to the building
  • Shut down your computer for protection

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