Management Council – May 8, 2008

Management Council Minutes

May 8, 2008


Gina Millsap, Rob Banks, Nancy Watkins, Marie Pyko, Donna Tryon, Diana Friend, Greg Gaul, Paul Brennan, Stephen Lusk, Thad Hartman, Ruth Rodden, Ann Newell, Suzanne Bundy, John Kugler, LeAnn Sevy, Michael Perkins, Brad Allen, Nancy Overmyer, Sherry Best & Cathy Cook (recording secretary)

Absent: Susan Marchant, Jim McHenry, David King & Stephanie Hall

Meeting Purpose

Public Pc’s. Teen Activity Center. Music Cd Arrangement. Project Status Check. Performance Appraisal. Staff Quarterly Meetings. Announcements. Fifteen Minute Computer Use



Gina introduced Joey Embers. He is the new digital services systems administrator

  • Joey comes from the Kansas City Missouri Public Library
Pubic PC’s – Michael

Digital Services considering changing hardware configuration of new pc purchased for public use. It’s called Neo-Flex and is an all-in-one LCD lift stand for computers that would allow us to remove the dated floppy disk drives and create a smaller footprint for desktop computers. To see an example, look at this website:


  1. Would allow us to get rid of key board trays
  2. Allows space & cable management

Other issue: Should new computers have DVD drives? This raises a number of questions including how we would deal with viewing of R-rated films.

Discussion – Marie Pyko
  • Staff has been researching the possibility of selling flash drives at the service desks
  • Circulation & Public Services supervisors and managers will meet to make decision about the purchase of new computers and whether they will have DVD drives

Are we going to allow customers to view DVD movies on new computers? (future management council discussion)

Teen Activity Center – Marie Pyko
  • Bids for teen center will be back next week
  • How will we staff the area?
  • We might be looking at more of a greeter type schedule (staff from all departments) to cover teen area & we should try to staff the area with people who enjoy working with teens or have an interest
  • Need library-wide solution for staffing area
  • YS has a staff of 21 and only 11 are full time employees


  • Open teen room from 3:00–9:00 when school is out
  • Open room full time on Saturday & Sunday
  • Open full time during summer months
  • Would open for adult or preschooler use by appointment, during closed hours
  • Need to provide guidelines for staff and teens for use of room
  • Hold meeting regarding staff training and guidelines by October 14, 2008
  • Staff volunteering from other departments to work in teen room must receive permission from their manager or supervisor
  • Marie will send out email and subject will be discussed in staff meetings
  • All staff needs to step-up & participate
  • Send ideas to Marie or LeAnn
Music CD Arrangement – Rob


  • Rob met with Carol Mongold to discuss how music CD’s are currently displayed
  • There has not been an increase in CD check out
  • Classical music is currently in front & we need to put more popular music like rock, hip hop, etc. up front in a more visible location
  • Area needs better signage
  • Need to look at decreasing the space for classical collection & increasing space for more popular collections
  • Goal is to better merchandize our stuff & put out what we currently have in storage
Project Status Check- John
  • Aquarium will arrive May 14 or May 17
  • Hot and chilled water HVAC (heating-ventilation-air-conditioning) lines have been piped into the teen room; next comes improved air conditioning for the new teen space
  • Youth services restrooms have been acid washed and not too satisfactorily, so will be redone
  • Noxious Weed Department found noxious weeds in the library’s flower beds; weeds will be removed and replaced with sod for a period of approximately two years, or until the Noxious Weed Department gives approval to replant flowers
  • Engine replacement on Lingo Bookmobile will be done tomorrow
Performance Appraisal – Stephen
  • Will resubmit year to date year-to-date performance appraisal list tomorrow
  • Remind all staff to do self evaluation & review position description on L: drive
Staff Quarterly Meetings – Gina
  • Comments from meeting will be posted tomorrow
  • Need to look for important issues


  • Questions that staff have about management council minutes
  • Our department will meet each week and try to do a better job of communicating
Announcements – Rob
  • Rob will be in Washington D.C. next week for Legislative Day
  •  Last week Rob attended the Mountain Plains Library Association conference in Utah


  • Can TSCPL get compensation for others using our book group in a bag logo? (we need to check with Chuck Engel)
  • Management Council will meet again on May 22 (cancelled next week)
    Fifteen Minute Computer Use (follow up)-recommendations
Fifteen Minute Computer Use – Brad
  • Take the 15 minute computers away
  • Make 3 computers for catalog only
  • Make 2 computers 2 hour usage only
  • The recommended computer changes will occur by May 27 & Brad will blog the changes so that information stays at top of page & is accessible to staff


  • Need to work on solutions for getting our customers in good standing with their accounts
  •  Michael will make change the introductory screen on the public access computers so that it will be easy and more intuitive for customers to get to the catalog on public computers

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