Level 2 Tech Center classes


Equipment orientation classes are now scheduled through end of September! These classes are for the public and also staff are invited to take them!

https://tscpl.org/level-2-tech-center to view the orientation class schedule or register for an equipment orientation class.

Check your schedule, check with your supervisor, and then register online to save your spot.

Find a time to get “certified” with the Audio/Video Recording Studios, 3D printer, and Cricut machine!

WHY? Maybe you want to use the equipment! And then practice making something!

But ALSO: maybe you want to be able to talk up the library in the community – and these 1 hour orientation classes will give you the specific details you need to convince others to come use this new space!

You CAN use this equipment in interesting ways to support your job or you can make something weird.

For example, with the skills I learned in the Cricut orientation last Friday afternoon, I created this “NaNo-rhino sticker” that is….something.  🙂

I can’t wait to see what quirky awesome thing YOU make!

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