Upcoming Changes to New / Media Room

For the last several months a team of library staff members have been developing a plan to refresh the design and purpose of the New / Media room. This is the space where we currently have the bulk of our adult public computers, New Books, DVDs, and Music CDs.

One of the benefits of the creation of the Level 2 Tech Center is that we will be able to move the computers out of this space. This will help in our efforts to better define the New / Media space and not have so many disparate activities going on in the same place. This team has been focused on defining the purpose of this space, how it compliments and flows into other spaces, and working with the architects to create an updated layout to serve this purpose.

In order to do this, we also looked at the surrounding areas and how these spaces flow together. The Wings were the main area that impacted the New / Media space. We identified the following issues:

Current Issues

New Books / Computers / Movies / Music

  • Several competing activities going on in one area
  • No clear focus
  • Chaotic for customers and staff
  • New Books separated from the rest of the book collection


  • Shelving cannot be moved or reduced, thus severely limiting improvement options
  • Flooring in bad shape
  • Interfiling nonfiction DVDs with nonfiction books might not be logical for many customers


The team discussed many options and looked at pros and cons of each. Ultimately, we decided to focus the current New / Media space on movies, music, and casual seating and focus the wings on reading. This led to the following changes:


  • New Books collection will move from the current location and into the current Teamwork Center
  • Nonfiction DVDs will move from the current location into the current New / Media room
  • Tables and chairs will be removed from Teamwork area and new tables and chairs will be added into the New / Media room.

With these changes in mind, below is a diagram of the updated New / Media layout:

Features of Updated New / Media 

  • New furniture, similar to what is in Level 2 Tech Center
  • Extended café flooring into back portion of the room where the majority of the seating will be located
  • New shelving and space for all our DVD, NF DVD, Blu-ray, and music CD collections
  • Lower shelving in the middle of the room for better sightlines
  • Portions of shelving that will allow for better display of DVD covers
  • We are planning on calling the space “Movies and Music Lounge” once all of the changes are implemented

Next Steps and Timeline

  • Early August 2022 – RFP posted to prospective bidders for new furniture, shelving, and flooring in New Media.
  • August 15, 2022 – Level 2 Tech Center Opens / public computers removed from current New Media room (public computers will remain in pass throughs and wings)
  • September 15, 2022 – Bids for new furniture, shelving, and flooring taken to board of trustees meeting. If bids are approved by board, contracts signed with selected vendors within the next week.
  • Last quarter of 2022 – New furniture, flooring, and shelving arrives and is installed. New Books moves into current Teamwork Center. Exact dates on all these items are unknown at this time and will be unknown until bids are received and contracts signed. With the current supply chain issues, it is difficult to determine how long we will need to wait until all of these items are ready. More than likely nothing will happen until October at the earliest. Things could be pushed back into 2023 if anything is delayed or if bids are not approved at the September board meeting. As we get closer to these dates, have specific vendors identified, and a specific timeline, we will let everyone know.

Obviously there are still a lot of details to be worked out, but the concept and design are in place. We will provide updates as details emerge, especially as they relate to collections. We will also provide more information at the next All Staff Meeting. Work will begin on developing an updated design details for the Wings in the near future.

A big thanks goes out to the team that worked on this. They are Angie Reed, Autumn Friedli, Debbie Stanton, Jared Last, Julie Nelson, Miranda Ericsson, Perry Hartmann, Scarlett Fisher-Herreman, and TJ Troughton. Thank you all for your hard work!!


21 thoughts on “Upcoming Changes to New / Media Room

  1. Natalie Moreland on said:

    Hey Thad,

    The photos of the floor plans uploaded pretty small, so it’s hard to see the details. Are they printed out somewhere in a larger format?


  2. Sherry Best on said:

    It looks like Music CDs are going along the outside walls, yes? When we bring them over, could we put the CDs in alphabetical order with better signage for what kind of music is in the sections? Right now, I have a terrible time finding or filing anything in music. I think there are a lot of hidden gems in that collection.

    • Scarlett Fisher-Herreman on said:

      We will be working to create a more intuitive shelving arrangement and cataloging set-up for the music CD collection. Thanks for asking.

  3. michelle-morris on said:

    I know we are quite a ways into the planning process, so this might not be doable, but I think a space this large would greatly benefit from having several card catalog computers at both ends of the room. Or even spaced out down the middle of the room.

    • Thad Hartman on said:

      Update: I spoke with the architects and we will have a catalog computer in the northwest corner of the room, so there will be catalog computers at both ends.

  4. Susan Schafer on said:

    The team room area has multiple small tables. They are used frequently, usually 1 or 2 people at the table at a time. Right now there are 7 being used. The tables will have to be moved for the new books collection. Where will they be moved to, and will they have power for customers’ devices?

    • Thad Hartman on said:

      Those tables are being replaced by the new tables in the updated lounge. We will also have some space to add more furniture in the future if needed. There will more than likely still be some seating and table space in the current Team Room area once New Books move. There should be power in most places, although I’ll have to verify about a couple of the soft seats in the middle of the room.

  5. michelle-griffith on said:

    Will the express items be moved back to the New book area and the media area? I would love to see more seating in the lobby for people needing a break before the walk to their car, waiting for classes, notary, business center area, etc.

  6. Brea Black on said:

    Will the room be closed at some point to move everything around? Or will we close off parts of it when needed so that patrons can still use the space?

    • Thad Hartman on said:

      There will definitely need to be some moving of collections within the room as they paint, remove counters, and lay new flooring. This process and timeline is currently being developed. But, the space will remain open and collections accessible during this phase. However, we don’t know yet what will happen when the new shelving is installed. It might be possible to install shelving in part of the room and leave the other side available for customers and then shift and install new collections on the other side of the room. However, that may not be feasible. We won’t know the process and timeline until we have a vendor selected and discuss installation possibilities with them.

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