Self-Directed Activities in the Learning Center

Good afternoon, TSCPL!

Please be advised that this summer, there is a self-directed activity available weekly in the Learning Center. I’ll list the dates below and the activity plans so that you can see what’s coming up! Signs are up in the windows to let folks know to come on in, so please make sure to leave a few lights on, the front door open, and encourage people to stop by and check out the activities.

  • June 1-9: LEGO challenge (build a coral reef and ocean animals!)
  • June 10-16: Ocean-themed jigsaw puzzles (for kids and adults!)
  • June 17-30: Giant coloring posters, scavenger hunt, and Loch Ness monster kits
  • July 1-7: 3D paper shark craft
  • July 15-21: Build your ocean with blocks and MagnaTiles
  • July 22-August 1: Imaginary underwater immersive sensory space

A huge thank you and shoutout to all of the staff involved in putting these activities together! I can’t wait to see them being enjoyed in the Learning Center! If you hear stories or see photos of activities in the space, please make sure to share them with me.

Please post any questions below!

One thought on “Self-Directed Activities in the Learning Center

  1. Lissa Staley on said:

    Hi! I’ve seen more people cutting through the Learning Center because the front doors in the lobby are open – could we consider also opening some of the doors on the other sides to help direct people through and also back into that space from media/the hallway? Could we possible get signage about the learning center drop in on the other entrances? The space has lots of doors and it’s not clear to customers which is “THE” door.

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