Level 2 Tech Center Update

We have some exciting updates on the Level 2 Tech Center!

Doors have been installed and we’re now just waiting on equipment for the Recording Studios and CoLab Rooms.

That means we’re ready to announce a planned opening date…
(mouse over drum to see the date)



Here’s the timeline as it stands today for getting us to that magical opening date:

  • July
    • 7/5-7/15 L2TC Core Team develops training on priority equipment and software
    • 7/18-7/22 Recording Studio equipment installed
    • 7/18-7/29 L2TC Work Team trained on priority equipment and software
  • August
    • 8/1-8/5 Staff tours of the new space and “open house”-style staff trainings
    • 8/1-8/12 Coffee & Scones tour events with targeted groups in the community
    • 8/12-8/14 Computers in Media removed
    • 8/15 Showtime


Where Can I Find More Information?

Service point updates will be added to the Level 2 Tech Center intranet page found under Teams > Public Services > Service Points: Level 2 Tech Center

Talking Points for Staff:   Currently on that intranet page there are talking points for staff for the opening of the Level 2 Tech Center, especially questions regarding the transition of adult PC computers to that space. We hope these help with customer conversations you may have or concerns you may hear due to that change.

Customer Procedures:   The intranet page also includes a link to the Customer Procedures page that may help you better understand the expectations we have in the space for staff and customers so we can make sure we’re successfully living in our new space.

Public Page:   There is also a public page for the Level 2 Tech Center that will be kept updated with what we’re offering in the space.

We’re very excited about getting this new space open and working for our community! Thank you for your continued support in making this a successful opening!

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