Changes to Communico & Program Proposal Deadlines – Starting Now!

Good afternoon, TSCPL programmers!

Communication & Marketing and I have been working hard to solve some of the challenges we’ve had with Communico deadlines for programs and program proposals. I’m excited to announce that we have a solution that we are going to try starting now!*

Please follow these guidelines for submitting program proposals and holding space/creating events in Communico:

  1. As soon as you know you might have an event, create a draft event in Communico to hold your room on the desired day and time. Please do not submit for review until you have all your event details.
  2. Submit your program proposal to the Program Team after receiving approval to move forward from your supervisor.
  3. Once your proposal has been approved by Program Team, submit your program for review in Communico at least 8 weeks before the event.* Earlier is always better!
    *Please note: if your event is a conference, gallery exhibit, major author visit or another large/complicated event, submit it at least 12 weeks in advance. 
  4. Communications will review events every Monday and may request more information. (This may vary slightly with vacations, but program staff will be notified.)
  5. Remember to delete any draft bookings that are not approved or will not happen for any reason.

We will be evaluating this change to our deadlines starting in September, so please take note of your experiences with these changes and share any feedback you may have leading up to that first date to evaluate.

Please feel free to reach out to me or to Communications & Marketing with any questions you have, or post them below!

*This start date has been updated to now after further conversation with Communications & Marketing. Yay!

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