Curbside Service Changes

Curbside staff moved out of its current office space to the Plaza today. Staff have been reallocated to rove in the Plaza and work the customer service desk in addition to the other circulation staff assigned to work the space.

The only change that will affect patrons is that the parking area has moved. There are 3 parking spots for curbside pickup right off of the Washburn entrance. We moved the numbered signs over to the curb east of the Rotunda entrance. Please see the image below.

An email campaign about the parking change was sent out specifically to curbside users who had checked out in the last 6 months. However, you will probably still get a few calls asking where to park. Please direct them to park at the new area.

This change is happening for customer service reasons. We need more staff working in the Plaza to be able to address customer needs thoroughly and efficiently as well as re-establish some of our pre-pandemic practices like walking with customers to an area of the library instead of pointing. While we are not at pre-pandemic levels of visitors, there is some positive growth in gate count data. In March 2021, the library had only 15,262 people visit the library. In March 2022, it was almost double that at 27,806 visitors. Curbside service  usage has also declined as the library collections and holds room became more available. For example, curbside service had almost 34,000 items checked out in January 2021. In January 2022, only 4,432 items were checked out and delivered via the service.

2 thoughts on “Curbside Service Changes

  1. Areli Bermudez-Villarreal on said:


    Some of our personal browsing people use curbside. We use to put them on the shelves in the old curbside room. Do we just take the books to Customer service or is there another place where we take them?

  2. Kelli Smith on said:

    We plan to store Browse For You bags in the cabinets underneath the Civic Engagement Display. If you run into storage space issues, please contact Angie or I.

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