VITA Tax Preparation Assistance

Susan Fangman with VITA confirmed that all Tuesdays and Thursdays when they offer free tax preparation, they have a person here in the Rotunda at 7:30 am to sign people up for appointments. People can only sign up for that day for example, a person can only sign up for Thursday, February 17 on Thursday, February 17.  VITA staff will notify us when appointments are full for the day and an email will be sent out to all staff to notify them.

Any day USD 501 closes VITA will cancel their tax preparation booking that day.

Hope this information clarifies questions we had from the public this morning.

One thought on “VITA Tax Preparation Assistance

  1. Debbie Stanton on said:

    Please let customers know that although sign-up begins at 7:30am, the lobby opens at 7am and people can start lining up at that point. This morning they actually began doing sign up before 7:30 because there were so many people already present to sign up for an appointment. Thanks! Debbie