Set Sail with Summer Programming!

Ahoy, TSCPL Programmers!

Get ready to set sail, because it’s time to batten down the hatches for summer reading program 2022! This year’s theme for the TSCPL summer reading program, the summer gallery exhibit, and summer programming will be “Oceans of Possibilities” in conjunction with CSLP’s annual theme. From June 1 to July 31, library guests will join us on a voyage to the depths of the oceans with the help of our fearless gallery team and our programming shipmates throughout the library!

So, summer programmers, avast ye! Here are the details! There will be four two-week themes to celebrate all things oceanic:

  • June 6-June 19: Marine Biology
    • The amazing, swimmy, floaty creatures that live in our ocean.
  • June 20-July 3: Ocean Myths and Fantasy
    • Seafaring stories of mermaids, pirates, and sea monsters.
  • July 5-July 17: Shark Week
    • Ocean dangers! Sharks, shipwrecks, and spooky underwater scaries!
  • July 18-July 31: Ocean Conservation
    • Taking care of our waterways and the animals and humans that live in and around them!

Each two-week theme will have a team made up of two librarian captains to lead the team and unlimited talented shipmates from any department who are interested in helping build and implement programs on that two weeks’ topic(s). Staff are not limited to just one team: feel free to join one or more than one and program to your heart’s desire! A supervisor first mate will provide mentorship support to captains leading teams, ensuring that your team’s ship is headed for clear skies and calm waters.

Each team will be provided a budget of dubloons to trade for supplies and program needs and will take on programming for those two weeks. All program target audiences are welcome and encouraged, from early childhood to children to teens to adults, and family/all-ages programming, too! Our primary audience for summer learning tends to be school-aged children in grades Kindergarten through 5th, so keep this in mind!

What say ye? Ready to make your way onboard? Talk to your supervisor and let them, and me, know which themed team or teams you are excited to be part of this summer by end of day on February 9, and we’ll get you on your way. (Summer programming may be required for some staff and voluntary for others, so talk to your supervisors, scallywags!) The Communico deadline for summer has been moved to March 6 to accommodate our work!

Post your questions, comments, and pirate jokes below, or reach out to me anytime! I can’t wait to welcome ye aboard one of our summer programming teams!

4 thoughts on “Set Sail with Summer Programming!

    • Jacqueline Belden on said:

      Hi Luanne! Absolutely! I am creating a folder in the Global drive under “Programs & Services” in the folder “Summer Learning” for our 2022 efforts, and will be uploading the CSLP manuals in the next few minutes. These are a great resource! I’ve also added a folder called “Programming Resources” that I’ll fill with favorite sources for inspiration!

  1. Luanne Webb on said:

    Are summer reading t-shirts going to be available to purchase? A lot of us look forward to getting them. Thanks!