Winter Reading Challenge 2022 *UPDATE*

We are kicking off 2022 with our annual Winter Reading Challenge!!  Starting January 1st, staff and customers are encouraged to participate in this 31 day challenge. Read 3 books in January and receive a cozy mug! Isn’t she a beauty?!? As in past years, we will be using Beanstack to track reading. Sign up for the challenge starts on December 27th!

What you Need to Do to Participate

Sign up for the challenge. If you used Beanstack in the past, you do not need to create a new login. Use the same login (user name, email address, and password) you used for the summer or fall challenge. The same login works for both the desktop and mobile app versions.

If you are new to the library or to using Beanstack, visit the site and register with your work email. A library card is required during registration. Next, send an email to to get staff access added to your account. Once you have access to the admin site, review the article Beanstack Basic Tasks.

Program Overview

  • One challenge for readers 5 and up.
  • Everyone gets the same prize.
  • Complete challenge by reading 3 books in January.
  • Log those books into Beanstack.
  • Share your progress on social media using #TopCityReads and share your reading adventures with us on the Top City Reads Together Facebook Group (

Prize Pick Up/Distribution

*Updated 12/30/2021*
After much consideration, we have decided to have prizes available for readers as soon as they complete the challenge – instant gratification!   When completing the challenge, readers will receive an email  telling them they can pick up their prize immediately.

Beginning January 2nd, prizes will be available to pick up at the Customer Service Desk or at Curbside.  Prizes are located in the office across from the Customer Service Desk.

Beginning January 3rd, prizes will be available to pick up at the Bookmobile locations.



2 thoughts on “Winter Reading Challenge 2022 *UPDATE*

    • Autumn Friedli on said:

      YES! All the mugs are lime green with the black logo. They are fun pop of color for those cold, gray days.