New Programming Initiative: Quarterly Themes

The Program Team is excited to announce a new initiative designed to inspire and direct our programming efforts, and move us forward as a team of library programmers! In the coming year, we are going to be experimenting together with quarterly programming themes. These themes will be focal points to provide us a shared goal and direction to inspire our programs, hopefully creating opportunities for collaboration with our colleagues and providing a more unified program “product” and messaging to our community!

A few guidelines on our new quarterly themes:

  • Quarterly themes are perfect sources of inspiration for new one-off events and programs and new short or “mini” program series, so dream and create to your heart’s content! Consider collaborating with colleagues to leverage our amazing team’s diverse strengths and build new and innovative offerings.
  • Not all programs are required to support quarterly themes. Some programs and events will exist outside of our focal points for each quarter (think tech classes, job and legal help, and other core programs that make up essential offerings for our community members), while other programmers will have the option to incorporate a quarterly theme into their existing programs (like theming a storytime, monthly book discussion group, after-school program, or gaming program to align with the library’s quarterly programming focal point).
  • Don’t hesitate to reach out to your supervisor, myself, or any member of the Program Team to try on and flesh out ideas! We’re excited to collaborate!
Without further ado, let our 2022 quarterly program themes jump start your creativity!
  • Color: December 2021 – February 2022
    • Interpretation ideas: blue and wintery programs in support of our gallery exhibit “Blue;” “rainbow” programming in awareness or celebration of LGBTQIA+ issues or community, seasonal mental health awareness programming
  • Resilience: March 2022 – May 2022
  • Oceans of Possibility (Summer Reading): June 2022 – August 2022
  • Arts & Crafts: September 2022 – November 2022
Friday, November 26, is the marketing deadline for January and February programming and the next Program Team meeting is November 22, so if our winter quarter theme of Colors sparks an idea for you, reach out to your supervisor to begin planning! Questions or concerns? I’m happy to help, or you can contact your supervisor!
Share in the comments how you could interpret our winter quarter theme of Colors into a library program! (We’ll share our own examples of theme interpretations ahead of each marketing deadline for new quarters, but we want to see yours, too!)

5 thoughts on “New Programming Initiative: Quarterly Themes

  1. Lissa Staley on said:

    Could we see the team’s interpretations for March-May now since the deadline is December 30th? Thanks!

  2. Rhonda Cathey on said:

    For clarification,
    Is the expectation that all 40 preschool storytimes during that quarter, need to focus on the noted theme?

    • Jacqueline Belden on said:

      Hi Rhonda! No, that is definitely not the expectation! Series programs (like storytime!) will rarely be able to theme their programs for 12 straight weeks, so no, we are not expecting a full quarter’s worth of a series to be dedicated to the quarterly theme. But if you’re inspired by the quarterly focal point and want to theme a selection of your series sessions to that end, that is fully supported! Does that help? Let me know if you’d like further clarification!