Edge Opens on Monday November 15

Exciting news! As you may have heard, the Edge is getting ready reopen. You can start directing Teens to the Edge again beginning on November 15th – this rapidly approaching Monday. The Edge’s hours and activities will be different, so let teen users you engage know what to expect. Here is how it will look: 

Monday – Thursday, 3-5pm Program Schedule

  • Monday:  
    • 1st Monday of the month will be Writers in Progress (WIP) 
    • 3rd Monday of the month will be Anyone Can Cook 
    • 2nd, & 4th Mondays will be Teen Art 
  • Tuesday: 
    • Digital Gaming 
  • Wednesday: 
    • Anime-ted in the Edge 
  • Thursday: 
    • Tabletop & Card Games 

At this point in time, the Edge will be open during the time of the above listed programming Monday – Thursday, 3-5pm only. There is an amazing program in the works for our Friday hours, so stay tuned for that news. We will also be having events for teens outside of regular programming that will utilize the space. 

If the teens are looking for something to do or somewhere to spend their time, please refer them to David J’s and the Kids’ Library. Also, feel free to take the time to talk to them and take their suggestions for the best way to serve them in the library. I know that there is an idea that teens can be intimidating, but I promise that they are some of the best, funniest, and kindest people out there.  

Make sure they know: 

  • We have the Edge from 3-5pm for fun programming Monday – Thursday (soon to be Friday). We also have upcoming events outside of our regular programming.  
  • We have David J’s and the previous Homework Center space for computers and books as well.  
  • This is a relatively temporary change. In the next 2-3 years we will be implementing a plan to create a bigger and better space for teens. 
  • We would LOVE to hear feedback from teens as well as suggestions for programming and services! They can email us: teenwriters@tscpl.org 

Reopening the Edge will allow us to engage with our teen patrons to give them a voice in defining what they need and want from their space in the library as we move forward. Thank you for helping us get the word out and reminding teens that they are wanted and valued here! 

Teens can email the Teen Team at teenwriters@tscpl.org 

Feel free to send teens directly to me as well! Areed@tscpl.org 


14 thoughts on “Edge Opens on Monday November 15

  1. Lissa Staley on said:

    This is exciting! You use the term “Teen”
    Is the Edge for people 12-18? Are 6th graders allowed or only once they turn 12?
    (I need clarifying info before I tell the middle school people I know about these activities!)

  2. Lissa Staley on said:

    Hooray! Can we get a graphic or something to share on the social media? I have some nice PTO connections with this particular demographic’s parents and teachers 🙂

    • Angie Reed on said:

      Lissa- I did create one yesterday and post it on the library FB page if you wanted to share that! Thank you!

  3. Lissa Staley on said:

    And my 13 year old’s first reaction to hearing this was “What is the Edge?” so we might want to keep that in mind when marketing — middle schoolers now may have never known this space existed previously in the library at all 🙂

    • Angie Reed on said:

      Ouch! Understandable, I suppose, as it has been something like 609 days since the Edge has been open for teen activity :\

      We aim to make up for lost time though! Send them our way!

  4. Jacqueline Belden on said:

    I can’t wait to see teens in this space having fun! Great work, Angie, Jenn and Kody!

  5. Lissa Staley on said:

    Sorry for having so many questions —
    Can folks pick up the after school snack and eat it in the Edge during the 3-5 time?
    And how welcome (or not) are parents to check on kids in the space? Can parents stay while their kids are doing the activities? (It’s far from everything else in the library with no seating nearby.)

    How structured are the activities? Can kids just hang out and do their own thing, or are these the set activities happening at these times? Are the rules still “No Cussing, No Rough-housing, No Yelling” ?

    Thanks! Lissa

    • Angie Reed on said:

      No worries, Lissa! Thank you for asking the questions so we can clarify and get the answers out in one place.

      The Edge is not a place for the afterschool snacks to be eaten at this time as we will be primarily doing activities and will encourage snacks to be saved or after or eaten before.

      Parents are welcome to “check in” on their kids briefly, but it is not a space for parents to join. It is a teen only space (supervised by staff).

      The activities are fairly structured. There won’t really be an opportunity for kids to just hang out at this point in time most days. Some of our programs have a bit of the hang out feel built in to them, but we are only open for programming at this point in time.

      The rules remain the same as everywhere else in the library, and we will heavily stress the need to respect each other, to respect the space, and to respect staff.

      Thanks for your questions!

  6. Scarlett Fisher-Herreman on said:

    Do the activities start right at 3pm? I assume kids who can’t arrive until closer to 3:30pm will still be welcome to participate? I think it’s wonderful that The Edge is open again to teens and your program line-up sounds amazing. Thank you.

    • Angie Reed on said:

      Hi Scarlett-

      Activities do begin at 3, but they are also of the drop-in variety where teens will be welcome to join at any point during the 3-5 time period.