Rainforest Adventure Greeter Desk 101

We have worked up a new system for the Summer exhibit that we hope will allow for more walk-ins. To learn more about the exhibit visits: https://tscpl.org/exhibits/swing-into-the-library-this-summer-to-start-your-rainforest-adventure


Why are we sitting outside the gallery?

  • This allows us to greet and record every visitor/group.
    • Also stops the visitor that want to walk straight in and not stop and talk to us
  • As a greeter, you are the first contact they have with the “Rainforest Adventure” as well as summer reading.
  • The current desk is rolled out every morning and rolled back into the gallery at night. (We should have a taller standing desk soon)
  • Think of this space as a “host station” at your fav restaurants.
    • We greet, gather info, and let them know when they can start their adventure


How many people can be in the gallery at one time?

  • We are working with the new number of 20 at any given time. This allows for a good amount of space between groups, so they can go through a few times and really experience the exhibit. If you need to fudge the 20 number to allow a whole family or late arriving reservation to enter, that can be done at your discretion.


How do I keep track of 20 people as well as reservations and walk-ins?

  • All people with a reservation will be sent on their adventure first. You will know when a reservation is scheduled and how many people to expect by accessing the Google calendar on the Gallery team page here on the Intranet (Teams – Public Service – Service Point: Gallery – 2021 Gallery Rainforest Tours)
    • Here is the generic Gallery Gmail account so you can access this form without using your personal account: gallerysabatini@gmail.com (password hint: shared staff)
    • Use the Summer 2021 Rainforest Adventure excel doc to keep track (add both walk-ins and reservation to this doc)
      • This will allow us to track the number of visitors each day
        • If a group arrives early and you have space in the gallery still – they can leave on their adventure early.
        • If a group arrives late, they might have to wait.
  • The remaining slots go to our walk-in visitors
    • Make sure to keep track of when a group has left the gallery, this will help you maintain an accurate head count of visitors.


What if we hit the magic number of 20?

  • You can offer to get the group a reservation for later that day or for another day using the reservation link on the library’s website. (We are looking into having an iPad reservation station either outside the gallery or in Youth Services.)
  • There will be a few tours that will push us over the 20. For those we will let you know when they are arriving and try to make sure there is an extra staff member to help cover the gallery.


How many times can someone go through?

  • If we are not expecting a large group, as many times as they would like. However, if you see that a large group of 10+ you should not pack the gallery with 20 people.
    • If a group of 15 has reserved a time at 10:30am – around 10:15 you will need to start letting the walk-ins know that we will be full into around 11 am
      • It takes about 15-30 minutes for most groups (however some have been in for 45+ minutes)


How long does a trip through the rainforest take?

  • On average visitors are staying between 15-30 minutes.


How do I introduce the exhibit?

  • The first time through, you are going to learn about the rainforest. (example: What is it, how it impacts us, and how we impact it.)
  • The second or third time through, spin the wheel of animals, then go and find the animal you land on. (some animals are hidden in the wrong answers of the maze!)
  • A few safety rules:
    • No running in the rainforest
    • Only 1 kiddo on the monkey bars and zip line at once
    • Only 3 kiddos on the spider web at once
    • No swinging from the vines
  • When you are done, there are craft kits on the table and stickers (coming soon)!


As always, I or the rest of the Gallery team are happy to work you through the exhibit and answer your questions before your shift in the Gallery.

Hope to see you in the Rainforest soon!


9 thoughts on “Rainforest Adventure Greeter Desk 101

  1. T. J. Troughton on said:

    What about children on their own in the maze? Is there a minimum age limit for children without adults present. I just had two kids come in for the zip line. One looked about twelve with his little brother? They were running through the maze and I had to tell them to stop.

  2. Meredith Snepp on said:

    A couple of questions because I’m nervous about my Gallery shift(s).
    1. Will this future standing desk also have a chair and/or a anti-fatigue mat to accompany it?
    2. How should we monitor the zip line if we are out in the greeter station?
    3. Should we use something like hatch marks to keep track of the current number of folks in the exhibit? Or another tool? (stressed about keeping limits correctly)

    • Zan Popp on said:

      1. Yes, it is my understanding that will be a chair and an anti-fatigue mat
      2. At this time, if a family/group comes in, I remind the adults about only 1 on the zip line at a time. Once you are in the zip line area there are “rules”… Unaccompanied kiddos will need reminders.
      2a. We are working to get access to the gallery cameras on the laptop so you can see the back while in the front.
      3. The tally sheet in the desk covers the number of people currently in the gallery and the online Google calendar covers if we have reservations.

      I am happy to walk you thought it all before your next shift to help with the stress! 🙂

  3. Jim Mosher on said:

    I note that there are some appointments saying “Blocking Out”. What does this mean?

    • Zan Popp on said:

      Those mean that a large group has scheduled a visit through the reservation system. We try and “block out” the second available slot so we don’t get 2 large groups at the same time.

  4. Jim Mosher on said:

    Does the reservation system block out a period automatically if the reservations reach the 20 mark? And if one group of 20 is not finished by the time another group of 20 has reserved, how will you want this handled?

    • Zan Popp on said:

      No. That is something Debbie and I have to do through LibCal at this time.

      If we get a reservation for a large group we block out time before and after their start time to give the group time to get through the first part of the maze.

      When you see “Blocking Out” on the google calendar, that is an indicator that a larger group will be coming in. (Larger is defined by 10 or more) You will need to start limiting the walk-in visitors before hand so you will have space for the reserved group.

      IF a group of 8 or more show up without a reservation and we are at the “20” mark, you will need to look at the reservation system and see when you can get them in, they might have to wait 15+ minutes. They are welcome to go to the kids library and look at books, go eat in the cafe, or look for animals in the gallery’s windows during that time.