Curbside Pickup Changes on June 1, 2021

Beginning June 1 customers will be able to schedule pick-up times and communicate with staff via chat. Staff will be better able to manage the checkout of materials using Springshare’s Pickup Manager product.  

There will be a learning curve for everyone including both customers and staff. But once we all get use to the new way of doing things, the customer experience will be better. We’ll need for everyone to pitch in and help our customers make the transition.  

Why is the service changing?

  • We want customers to come back inside the library again. It’s safe and they can browse, get a cup of coffee, go to the Gallery and all those other things we have to offer when you come in. Many customers have asked us when they’ll be able to pick up their own holds again, like they used to.
  • We always knew Claire’s Sunroom was a temporary space and it’s time to return that space to its original, intended purpose as a gathering and programming space. We believe now is the time to make the move.
  • Moving the Curbside staff back into the building meant we needed new tools to manage the service.  

What is the customer experience?

  • Customers who selecTSCPL Curbside when placing a hold will receive a hold notice from Polaris with instructions to book a pickup appointment. This is the hold message:

Please make an appointment to use Curbside Pickup here: After booking your pickup time, you will receive a confirmation email with directions to let us know when you’ve arrived. See you soon!

**Hold notices from any other branch will not include curbside instructions.

  • Customers will receive a confirmation email after completing the pickup booking, (very similar to LibCal appointment confirmations). This is the confirmation message:

Your pickup time is confirmed:

Curbside Pickup Parking Space 6:
1:00pm – 1:30pm Saturday, June 5, 2021.​

There are two ways to let us know you have arrived:

  1. Chat with us through this link
  2. Text the word “HERE” to 785-306-4108.
  • When the customer arrives at the library, thecan 1) use the online chat page, 2) send the keyword to the Pickup Manager SMS (TXT) number, or 3) call the curbside service number on the parking space sign. 
  • After a short exchange with Curbside staff to verify their identities, staff will deliver their holds!

What should staff expect?

Changes in the building and Polaris

  • All holds are moving back to the Holds Pickup Room on June 1. Both pickup locations _TSCPL and TSCPL Curbside will be placed in the Holds Pickup room.
  • Customers can select _TSCPL as a pickup location in the catalog as well as TSCPL Curbside.
  • Curbside hours are different from library hours
    9am-8pm Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm Sat, 12pm-8pm Sun.
  • Curbside staff will be working from the old security office by the Staff Elevator.
  • Holds will only be held for 8 days (changing from its current setting of 14 days).

Helping Customers in-person or over the phone

1. Help a customer book a pickup time.

Book an appointment via the staff interface in LibCal

  • Go to LibCal > Spaces > Curbside Pickup > Booking Grid & Availability
  • Select (click the square) the desired time slot and parking space.
  • Confirm and submit times.
  • Fill in the customer’s information.
    >For the process to work smoothly, the email and mobile number must be valid!
    >Make sure to check the box to send the customer a confirmation email, otherwise they will not get the chat/txt instructions.

Check out Springshare’s FAQ on using the staff interface in LibCal

2. Help a customer who doesn’t have a valid email.

Encourage the customer to come into the building and pick up their holds because without a valid email, the customer will not receive the confirmation email with the arrival instructions.

Does the customer have a valid mobile number? If so, go ahead and book the appointment with an invalid email but make sure to enter a valid mobile number and instruct them to call the service number on the parking space.

3. Help a customer who doesn’t have a mobile phone
(or a phone that is not capable of chat via a website or txt).

Encourage the customer to come into the building and pick up their holds or recommend the library’s TSCPL @ Home service.

If the customer has a phone that doesn’t chat or text, book the pickup time through LibCal and instruct them to call the service number on the parking space. 

4. Help a customer who is parked outside.

From the Call Center, transfer the call to the Curbside staff (x4414). 

5. Help a customer in-person.

Confirm where the customer’s holds pickup location (Main or Curbside) and inquire if they made a pickup appointment.

Both pickup locations of TSCPL and Curbside will be placed in the Holds Pickup Room. If the items are not in the Holds Pickup Room, check the Curbside staff workroom.

6. Help a customer change their pickup location.

Since both pickup locations will wait for the customer in the Holds Pickup Room, no action is needed in the ILS unless the customer needs to book a pickup time.   

When the customer wants to use Curbside:  

  • Change the pickup location in Polaris. 
  • No further action is needed if the hold is in an Active status because when the hold is triggered, the customer will receive a hold notice and should be able to book their own pickup time. 
  • book the appointment through LibCal if the hold is in a Pending or Awaiting Customer Pickup status. 

11 thoughts on “Curbside Pickup Changes on June 1, 2021

  1. donna-casey on said:

    One experience I had when practicing with the LibCal software was that when it got to the part requesting my email and phone number, the phone number was already there, no doubt from my account, but the system wouldn’t accept my reservation until I took the dashes out of the phone number.

    • Shannon Eddings on said:

      Pickup Manager is connected to Polaris to lookup patron information and it does auto fill the appropriate fields. The phone number format requirement is a system setting we cannot change.

  2. Julie Nelson on said:

    Should staff stop using the Curbside Pickup option when placing holds for themselves? And if yes, should we make that change on our current holds?

  3. Paul Brennan on said:

    Julie, it really doesn’t matter to Circ which branch you use for your staff holds. We’ll still route those to you via the in-house mail system either way. So, I wouldn’t bother to change your pick-up location(s) on existing requests and going forward they’ll get to you with either pick-up location selected. Hope that answers your question.

    • Julie Nelson on said:

      Yes, this answers my question. My 98 holds and I are very relieved to hear it!

    • Autumn Friedli on said:

      I’m getting an email ready to go out about those changes. I should have that out very soon. Long story short, those items will go into the Curbside Office rather than the holds pick up. Be on the look out for an email SOON! 🙂

  4. Natalie Allen on said:

    so, if a person wants to pickup their holds curbside, but did not make an appointment, they could just call the call center and be transferred to the curbside line?

    • Shannon Eddings on said:

      Hi Natalie,
      If the customer is in a parking space and did not make an appointment, they can call the number on the sign (to get curbside staff) or the main number if they know it (which would go to call center).

  5. Kimberly Sain on said:

    I may have missed this. If someone makes an appointment for 1-1:30 and doesn’t show until 2:00 (and they call the Call Center to tell us they’re running late), does that matter, and if so, should we (the Call Center) let Circ know (what Circ # will Call Center call?) or just tell the person to call the number on the sign when they get here? If someone makes an appointment and doesn’t show at all during their scheduled time or let us know they’re not coming, what happens to the materials? I’m assuming we’ll keep their materials in the holds pick-up room thru day 8 so they still can come inside, or they can schedule another curbside appt. before the end of the 8th day, change to TSCPL@Home or BKM…

  6. Kelli Smith on said:

    Kim, if someone is running late that day you can tell the person to go ahead and park at curbside if there is space available at that time. They can call the number on the parking sign or contact staff using the link in their appointment confirmation email. I tried this and it worked when I pretended to be a late arrival in the demo.

    If someone doesn’t show up for their appointment at all that day, their held materials will be returned to the holds pickup room until the date they become unclaimed. When you open the hold request for each title (has to be Awaiting Customer Pickup) you can see what that date is. The unclaimed date is by the activation and expiration dates in the hold request.

    Switching holds will follow the same process we always follow. If you can, change the pickup location in the holds request to where they want it to go and email the groups involved so the item can be pulled and sent on its way.