Kansas Children’s Discovery Center Passports- Appointment to Play

I updated this because customers can make appointments to play for indoor now too!

We will begin checking out our KCDC passports again.  It will be a little different because it is appointment only.  Beginning Tuesday, August 11th, Customers can come to the Customer Service Desk and request a passport.  The staff will use the following process to make their appointment to play and print a barcode ticket for a use.  They are only able to go on the day and at the time they have had the appointment booked.  Customers are not able to book far in advance but you can book about 10 days out.

How it works- Staff do this! 

Please don’t share our login and password with anyone.

  1. Login to https://kansasdiscovery.org/playtime/
  2. Choose Member Sign Up
  3. Choose Sign In- email- discoverycenter@tscpl.org, password-tscplpassport
  4. It defaults to the first available but customers can choose another date- select other dates
  5. Ask customer how many adults, children, seniors and infants then select Add to Cart
  6. The tickets will indicate number and cost (which should be $0.00)
  7. All the fields have been filled- choose Check out
  8. At the Dear Discovery page, click to access your event eTickets.
  9. Print tickets and hand to customers.
  10. They must take tickets with them to KCDC and use them only at the time they selected.

I have asked a couple of staff with young children to give it a try and let me know how it works for them.

If you practice playing with the system please send me to dates and times you booked so that if isn’t a real play booking I can let KCDC know and remove the appointment.  If we fill them up with “fake bookings” other families are not able to use the appointments.

I am so happy we can continue to not only provide our community families opportunities for fun learning engagement but also be able to do this as part of our partnership with KCDC.

Please let me know if you any questions or concerns.

4 thoughts on “Kansas Children’s Discovery Center Passports- Appointment to Play

  1. Marie Pyko on said:

    Good question. No right now the Discovery Center is not open for indoor play. It is only the Outdoor Area which is available.

  2. Marie Pyko on said:

    If you get asked please let people know that they must come in and book their tickets. We need to print the tickets when we book so can not do this over the phone or any other means.