Changes to DVD and Music CD Checkout Limits

Some of our material check out limits changed recently. The new limits are listed below.

  • 5 Express DVDs
  • 20 Entertainment DVDs
  • 20 Nonfiction DVDs
  • 20 Music CDs

We have been very lenient on checkout limits for these items at the customer service desk, curbside, and with at home delivery customers. We practiced this to encourage customers to stay home more.

Starting Monday, April 26 we will resume following the checkout limits at all checkout locations. Please do this gradually since customers will not be aware of this change. For example, you can inform the customer of the new checkout limits and let them know that next time they will only be able to have 20 entertainment DVDs checked out on their account. Please add a general blocking note on their account after you talk with them so other staff are aware of the conversation.

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