Goodbye Lynda, Hello Linkedin Learning

On Monday, February 8, 2021 is turning into Linkedin Learning. Get the details:

Why is this happening?

In 2015, Linkedin acquired For the library learning product, they kept the Lynda name and branding though on the corporate training side and at, it’s been Linkedin Learning for several years. This is the final step in transforming the library product to Linkedin Learning.

Do customers need a Linkedin account to use Linkedin Learning?

No they do not. As customers do with, they will login using their library card and PIN #. They have the choice to create a user account but they are not required to when using Linkedin Learning. TSCPL @ School cards and PACREG accounts will also work for login.

Will customer coursework, saved favorite courses, saved videos, etc. move over to Linkedin Learning?

Yes it will. On February 8, there will be a brief time when Linkedin Learning will be unavailable to all users. When users login to the product from our webpage, they will put in their barcode and PIN # and go through a short series of screens asking them about topics they are interested in. If they have saved content from, that content will be moved over to Linkedin Learning after they get through the initial login. This FAQ page created by Linkedin has detailed information about this change.

Is there new content at Linkedin Learning?

Yes! Linkedin Learning offers over 16,000 courses compared with 7,000 at Courses are offered in 7 languages, including Spanish.

What’s our communication plan to customers?

On Monday, February 8, our page is changing over in appearance to Linkedin Learning. We will update other places on our website where is says Lynda so that everything says Linkedin Learning. This means (and this is important!) that we all need to start calling Lynda by its new name: Linkedin Learning.

We will share this news with customers in an upcoming Library eNews and on social media. Customers who use Lynda regularly have been seeing a banner ad after they login letting them know that this change is coming. Hopefully this won’t be an unpleasant surprise for anyone. It’s the same great learning product but has even more content and courses.

If you have questions not addressed in this post or at the Linkedin FAQ page, please reply to this post. Thank you!


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