Limited Notary Service Begins Today

A lot of changes were made to make sure the library can offer notary service safely:

  • We only offer service to individuals. Groups (including family) and additional witnesses will not be served at this time.
  • Notary service is by appointment only. There are handouts at the greeter and customer service desk to give to walk-ins.
  • Customers can sign up for appointments by using our computers, a their phone and our wifi, or they can call the call center for staff to walk them through the process
    • In an effort to decrease face to face interactions, the greeter and customer service desk staff will not help patrons sign up for an appointment

Instructions to sign up patrons over the phone:

  1. Staff can help patrons sign up for appointments from the notary service webpage –
  2. Select the Schedule Appointment button
  3. A pop-up window appears
  4. Choose Notary Librarians
  5. Select a date on the calendar (grayed out dates not available), select a time and then the continue button
  6. Enter the patron’s name and email
  7. A confirmation email should be sent to the customer’s email right away. Have them check their spam folder if they do not see it.

Instructions for staff working in the Plaza and Rotunda:

Staff working these areas should determine if a notary customer is here for a scheduled appointment or need to make one.  

  • If they need to make one, give them the instructional handout on making notary appointments. 
  • If they have an appointment, ask what time their appointment is. If the appointment is more than 5 minutes into the future, they will need to wait outside or sign up for a computer while they wait. 
  • If they have an immediate appointment, direct them to the Grab-n-Go station in the Plaza to collect their notary pass.  

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